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  1. So... GameGuard doesn't seem to be injecting itself into user processes anymore. It's also ok with my AV and AntiSpyware. : ) How do I know this? I have software that protects processes and what not from other things that may want to inject themselves into those processes. I also don't really see any performance impact, but I have a nice PC. The scanning sucks, but hey, that's what pretty much all of the anti-cheat software does. Warden from Blizzard does this too.
  2. This just looks like an attempt at trolling to me. It's either that are people are being OCD about rules. The fact that @Tora1210 shared her account information with her husband has no correlation to the account getting hacked. Families tend to share account information. Email accounts, MMORPG accounts (children on subbed games?), Steam accounts (family accounts), and etc. Can't hold families to the same standards as a secure business. It should be pretty obvious that Tora1210's husband had nothing to do with getting hacked into by some person from China. NC Soft is just using this as an excuse so that they don't have to deal with it. One less ticket. Tora1210's husband would be someone in her life that she would trust with anything. I've shared account information for other services with family too. They've shared some of their accounts with me. Whatever we need access to gets shared. It's honestly not that big of a deal. Enjoy raging hard about a point that had nothing to do with an account getting compromised and using that as an excuse to not help someone in need. Now sadly, because it's explicitly stated in the rules, NC Soft can choose to be mean about it and not help you. It would only be within their good graces : |. This speaks volumes about them as a company. As such, there is nothing that can be done : (. They can hide being the rules that were agreed to. Is this a good way to retain customer loyalty? Not at all. This is very cutthroat and I'd think twice about playing any games from NC Soft in the future.
  3. Hongmoon Black Feather

    I'd like to know this too.
  4. Balance Premium Rewards

    $1500 USD, or 2000 gold : ). Only takes a little under 7 months if you make 10g a day. Less than this because you also have to spend $$ to sub : )
  5. A Look At GameGuard

    I don't use SuperAntiSpyware by itself nor do I recommend using it by itself. I use it in conjunction with Malware Bytes.
  6. Gameguard needs to go away.

    Guys, please see the latest news. The most recent GameGuard updated enabled the heartbeat feature. To my knowledge, nobody has a workaround to it yet. This means that anyone you see in-game that is cheating is running GameGuard and will be banned in the next ban wave. I will continue to try to keep people updated so we know if/when the heartbeat is bypassed and hackers are once again able to disable GameGuard. I know it takes awhile for information to spread. Latest update is that hackers are now taking steps to investigate.
  7. Blade and Soul BOTs Pandemic

    Hackers aren't able to get past the GameGuard heartbeat right now, so they are clearly botting with it active or they know something the vast majority don't. Feel free to Google it yourself. This is the news as of 6:30 AM PST the day this post was made. The situation could have changed since then. I can't look it up now. You may be seeing otherwise, but the people that are botting can't bot safely right now. The first post made was 2:30 PM Friday about not being able to get past the GameGuard Heartbeat. If you are seeing bots right now, NC Soft can see them too.
  8. Blade and Soul BOTs Pandemic

    You honestly shouldn't be seeing any bots right now. Or rather, if you are, know that they are being detected because they are running with GameGuard on. They will be banned shortly : ).
  9. A Look At GameGuard

    The best solution is to do an in-game solution. It's also expensive. Anything outside of this is going to have a lot of collateral damage as the application will have to protect itself since it's not intrinsically tied in with the game it's protecting. Now... I was mainly against GameGuard because its heavy cost was not actually giving us anything. However, GameGuard does appear to be doing its job now. Hackers are locked out of the game and can only play the game if they play without their hax, lest they get banned. Even with the heavy cost of GameGuard, I'm pretty reluctant because of what it writes to the processes. This puts me into the same boat as you Fenimore. Now, XingCode3, what Black Desert Online uses, does not do any writing. It logs everything you do for the prior 48 hours as well as all chat and sends it off to who knows where. I'd honestly actually be better with this. It doesn't cause BSODs and corrupt Operating Systems : ). It is still a major breach in security since it sends off everything you do >.>, but it's better than hijacking the operating system for the sake of protecting the game. I play a lot of Blizzard games and I don't mind Warden at all. All it does is scan like XingCode3. I guess as long as the AC software is only scanning, I'm ok with it. I don't even mind if they take all of the data because I tend to trust larger game companies that have a lot to lose. AC Software that only scans also plays nicely with AV ^_^. Here are some ACs *edit* XingCode3 has already been bypassed. I didn't see any news on heartbeat bypass.... : |. I'm clearly going to have to actually do some in-depth research if I want to find a good AC that hackers are unable to get through without harming the players using it. *end edit* *edit* Actually, it doesn't seem like anyone has figured out how to deal with the XingCode3 heartbeat. This might mean that GameGuard's heartbeat won't be able to get dealt with either. This is over the course of 4 years and nobody's gotten through XingCode3 heartbeat. The PoE heartbeat also looks pretty hardcore. The only way people are getting around that is by disabling the entire anti-cheat by telling the client that they are on Wine. PoE allows Wine, so it will just disable the Anti-Cheat system in response. It seems like any clientside AC will be bypassed with ease unless they have a heartbeat. The heartbeat is always the kicker. *end edit* fyi, hackers are working at redirecting the connections of the heartbeat in GameGuard and I can only hope that they never succeed... if they do, I'll likely go back to being devastated. Also, I dunno, but this made me really happy. I looked at one of the botting forums and people were panicing about GameGuard being activated, screaming to not use the bot. This made me happy : ). I certainly wasn't seeing this when I first made these threads. You know what's funny? A moderator deleated my "GameGuard is working!!" thread.. lol
  10. Will this latency ever be fixed?

    Well, you get error 4049. This is the same error that hackers are getting right now. Anti-rootkit AV would not have allowed the game to start prior to even the GameGuard update. The thing the hackers were using would.
  11. Will this latency ever be fixed?

    A lot of delay and FPS problems can be in GameGuard interacting with your AV. I know it sucks having to disable AV and any anti-spyware stuff you have, but some of this stuff has in-depth anti-rootkit tech in them. My SuperAntiSpyware doesn't even let GameGuard start.
  12. Gameguard needs to go away.

    Well, know that your pain is not in vain. Hackers aren't even able to start Blade & Soul. Hang in there : ).
  13. A Look At GameGuard

    Well, you need to understand. When they released the patch, everyone was able to disable it within a couple of hours. That was very demoralizing. People were making threads about how GameGuard is useless without the heartbeat enabled. This is very demoralizing : (. In this last GameGuard update, the heartbeat was enabled. Now the hackers are still disabling GameGuard with the original software, but Blade & Soul shuts down on them because GameGuard isn't alive ; D. This is the infamous error 4049. Other things that can block GameGuard are things like SuperAntiSpyware, which is why I got error 4049.
  14. Gameguard needs to go away.

    The more information you send them about your processes and stuff, the more they can configure GameGuard to protect us : ).
  15. Gameguard needs to go away.

    They are tweaking GameGuard to minimize impact on players. I'm actually really happy with NC Soft right now. Forget all my announcements about going out in a blaze of glory as I disable GameGuard. I'm really happy about this.