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  1. Fixing the wardrobe [Suggestion]

    There will be tons of players who doesn't care for any of the premium features other then the wardrobe, therefore, back to my question, how much should NCS charge for this?
  2. Fixing the wardrobe [Suggestion]

    I get what you want to do, but you fail to see you are also asking NCS to make a major change in their profit model. The current model they receive $12/mo, with your model, they will receive $12 once. I am sure you won't want to see your business lose profit this way. EDIT: Since I hardly need access to the wardrobe, I am more then OK with limited it to only the Dragon Trader if I am getting it for almost free.
  3. Fixing the wardrobe [Suggestion]

    So in fact, you are asking for Pay-Once feature, which pretty much takes away the only reason why NCS has it as part of premium. So, how much should NCS charge for this Pay-Once feature, knowing that they currently charges $12/mo for premium?
  4. Fixing the wardrobe [Suggestion]

    If you are active premium, you have wardrobe. If you aren't NOT currently active premium, aka F2P, then you have no wardrobe. ALL players, have access to take item out of wardrobe at ALL times. I failed to see why this is so hard for people to understand.
  5. Fixing the wardrobe [Suggestion]

    Please play the game, use the feature, before demanding for features that is already in game.

    You guys are so blinded and seriously cannot see the difference, when you clearly can defined the difference in words?!? And NCS considers any non-human key press cheating. So it doesn't need to be everything. Sorry, your multibox def is incorrect. It allows you to send to multiple windows, one window at a time. So in order for you to control 2 chars, you needs to swap focus. You are simulating having 2 computers, so it is physically 2 key presses, not 1 keypress to 2 windows. Please, as I said in my first post. It is physically impossible for humans to multi box, and control 2 chars performing the exact same actions within 0.1 second precision, nevermind 4 chars. The video is a clear recording of bots in action as it is aided by additional software.
  7. February 10 came the warlock ?

  8. I need help with evolved weapon
  9. Transformation stone

    Where is need to rush?? MTS peaked @ 16G, and today, 4.99G. We may see sub 3G within a week. Game is new, let the market work itself out via supply and demand.

    ROTFLMAO Dude, please spend some time and learn the difference between bots and multiboxing. It is physically IMPOSSIBLE for you to multibox, and have 2 chars follow/perform the exact same actions within 0.1 second of each other. They are bots. Go ahead, prove me wrong.
  11. Bidding Safety System...

    ^^^^^ Really, that timer bar is there for a reason. Use it. ^^^^
  12. Seriously?!? The ass-u-me-ptions. I do not recall ever reading any spec on their hardware platform, care to share it with everyone on the forum??
  13. Party Bidding System

    Clearly, currently you lack understand about the system. Yes, it is pay-2-win. The winner bidder pays *me*. This should help you a bit:
  14. [Suggestion] Money Drop at level 45

    Because all the BOTS on TW are at level cap. You want money? You do dailies.
  15. How to redeem master pack goodies?

    Read the STICKY at the TOP of the forum.