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  1. You already have freedom of choice. You can already make them ridiculously large. What you already have > wanting what you already have. Always...
  2. People in the game shouldn't have to suffer because of a few trolls who want to max their boob slider to be larger than their body. The game needs to have its limits.
  3. How can I not pay attention? They take up the entire screen, along with their mountain thighs. Literally larger than mountains in the game. It's gross and needs to stop.
  4. No one is forcing me to max the boob sliders, but I have to deal with looking at people running around with non-moving tumors on their chests. I don't want to see that. It's disgusting enough already.
  5. The problem I have with the jiggle is that, they don't move at all when you're running. Only when you stop or turn slightly. Just... what? Also, breasts are large enough, damn, they're TOO LARGE already.
  6. Really? Even with a 980M i7 4710HQ I can't run it maxed most of the time. Here's my character Kind of impossible to make a good looking character in this game.
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