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  1. how over-played will warlock become?

    Wait, is it a pet class? I don't want to play a pet class. But if the thrall doesn't stay around... it depends on how often you can summon the thrall. Knowing this game, you could probably summon it once per battle, so that's pretty often, isn't it?
  2. Can we please have profile pictures.

    Blizzard doesn't trust Diablo 3 players with forum avatars either I guess.

    Okay, so, instead of giving players a reward for completing the daily dash once, you were afraid that some people finished early and claimed the reward, so you removed the reward entirely? Makes sense (no it doesn't).
  4. Still no currency exchange

    We'll get it when the game is dead. So... soon.
  5. Because mailing your own characters = bots mailing you?
  6. So.. where's the warlock?

    What patch notes?
  7. So.. where's the warlock?

    Expect it within 1-9,999 days

    Actually, I like the left version more (I mean the hair, not the skin color)
  9. 8 week daily dash

    I didn't say someone was
  10. 8 week daily dash

    Still not worth logging in every day for.
  11. why?

    It's not possible. Welcome to 7 Day Deletion Hell brother.
  12. Valentine's Event?

    What's the requirement for this? I don't have a transmute button
  13. HATE THE 10/02/16 UPDATE!

    I don't get the new daily dash. There's nothing good on it, not even a costume, and you can even miss rewards! What the hell
  14. Also one more question - what should I use the Brilliant Cinderlands Key on? My class weapon from the wheel, or is there something else?