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  1. It's not matter about economy inflation or etc. We just requesting that transfering charms which is wrongfully placed on alt to another toon. Not requesting more charms or p2w stuff. It doesn't effect to economy or balance. etc seriously.
  2. Bump Sent in ticket 12hours ago but supporter didn't even check yet.
  3. Yeah I got fked up. either. I had routine between 1main and 2 alts everyday made purchase by 1 toon. There was not clear explanation beside item detail. I couldn't make purchase rwo days in a raw so took look that item detail so that realized only you can make 10times purchasing I only knew you can buy 1bundle per day. I would appreciate to NC if you make that coupon account bound.
  4. I got my balrok outfit at first role.lol And as my alt spent more than hundred of essences but didn't make. R. N. G
  5. Awesome! Thank you for sharing info!
  6. No additional allownance patch upon today's maintenance? Such as TEMPTATION and other event outfits.
  7. And no additional stampable outfit such as Tempation..... It's not good....
  8. Seriously??? I demand clear answer from NC about this conspiracy.
  9. Any update or comment from NC allownance sending outfit yet?
  10. In yunwa. Most of times all 4channels dominated by crimson and they do retards to opponent who just trying to fininsh their dairy. It's just so lame.
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