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  1. Opening Hot Summer Boxes

    Where is my popcorn
  2. Hongmoon Training Exchange Ticket Account Bound

    It's not matter about economy inflation or etc. We just requesting that transfering charms which is wrongfully placed on alt to another toon. Not requesting more charms or p2w stuff. It doesn't effect to economy or balance. etc seriously.
  3. Hongmoon Training Exchange Ticket Account Bound

    Bump Sent in ticket 12hours ago but supporter didn't even check yet.
  4. Hongmoon Training Exchange Ticket Account Bound

    I support this +1
  5. CANNOT Purchase HM Training Unsealing Charm

    Yeah I got fked up. either. I had routine between 1main and 2 alts everyday made purchase by 1 toon. There was not clear explanation beside item detail. I couldn't make purchase rwo days in a raw so took look that item detail so that realized only you can make 10times purchasing I only knew you can buy 1bundle per day. I would appreciate to NC if you make that coupon account bound.
  6. Are these pings ok for you guys?

    BnS has been unplayable since that latest patch cause of that insane highrocketed ping. It's not issue on ISP side for sure. Yesterday i gave up on playing so subbed ff14 which is my previous mmo and enjoyed yesterday.(ofc there was 0 lag spikes on ff14)
  7. WHEN Will Character Portraits Be Re-Enabled?

    Never... I'm serious...
  8. remove 1000kills mask

    Remove mask and give alternate compensation that doesn't hide toons info.
  9. hackers in SSP. Yunwa server

    I'm assuming that hacker is NCsoft itself. standing side of outnumbered faction and annoy opponent on purpose. Otherwise,Why they don't give a any cricket that very obvious? And I have no idea why that mask even exist. Probably that helps keep GM in secret using hack to shit outa legit players.
  10. Ridiculous input delay

    Yeah. It was even more awful yesterday. Even i used pingzapper which is make stablized ping(ping through this was 20ms yesterday) 3~5sec delay was horrible. I almost break my keyboard during that 6vs6 run. lol Now I'm regreting renewed my sub 2days ago.
  11. New costumes in Hongmoon Store (April 27)

    Damn Chronicle is so good on jin.
  12. We need a kick function

    I got sick of afkers&bots joining dungeon and don't participated and doubt nc wouldn't implement that function anytime soon. So I don't use lfp anymore. Put very least ap restriction group up then so far didn't see afkers. It will be tempo method to get rid of nasty bots and A,Fkers.

    Wtf This fact made my all effort for rank up to "zero". Cricket that pvp champion ship whatever called. From today I'll just go afk in arena to get dairy reward and will gtfo.
  14. I got my balrok outfit at first role.lol And as my alt spent more than hundred of essences but didn't make. R. N. G