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  1. New to BnS, did i choose the wrong professions?

    soul wardens or acquired taste
  2. Welp gems

    You can't finish the follow up quest if you do not unequip it. Unequip it and finish the follow up. If everything fails delete your account and you get rid of it.
  3. LOL is this real. NCsoft even your whiteknights (which I have been called before) would abandon you, if you treat players like this. Please stop this madness. @OP Sorry you are treated like garbage. I hope they fix this and make you happy again somehow. The quote at the end of your e-mail tho..
  4. New to BnS, did i choose the wrong professions?

    Yes very wrong professions for a single char on an account... Sorry. Forgekeeper has no profit at the moment as far as I know or very insignificant. While Radiant ring is not that bad making diamond pouches profits you few golds every 6h which is not up to par as merry potters making same amount of profit every 4h. Edit: If I were you I would rush a character to lvl 45 with Merry Potter Soul Warden and get rewards from the event and who knows maybe they'll patch forge keepers at some point and you can do something with it in the future.
  5. If you don't like NCSOFT don't play their product, QQboy
  6. Alternative to getting outfits.

    Nice try buddy
  7. Show off your characters!!

    Tor Baalous Lord of Destruction - - -
  8. Swordsman Hat droprate

    Runs: 12 Outfits: 1 Hats : 0 Outfit is ugly its diarrhea colored.
  9. It happens every 15 minute or so, I played yesterday with no problem for hours. Trying to figure out if it's my internet problem or does people get random disconnects only on mushin's tower too?
  10. I said most successful, not the BEST. What you enjoy playing more is a preference... But the most successful one keeps getting bigger and better additions + advertisement and stage dominance because they can. I don't know how many crashes you are getting but having played WoW and Diablo 3 I find the amount of server crashes I experienced acceptable. Anyway good talk, I get it, most of the complaints are not because you want everything free. In that case I wasn't telling anything to you anyway. This is my last post. Gotta go.
  11. Wow, you actually transitioned from "I destroyed you here is a MEME to make fun of you" comments to actually well written comment I really like. I took a quick look at the discussion will take a closer look on the discussion but yes, I am not defending perfection of the game and how everyone should shut the hell up. No, on the contrary I agree with many points people make here. Rng boxes, I am not happy with either probably one of the things I would never consider buying. You and other people gotta understand my main point. -I am not generalizing all people who are unpleasant of some aspect of the game. -I am not referring to people who actually are providing valid feedback to the company. -I am not a fanboy nor have I any relation with the company other than this being their first product I play seriously. -My point is I don't enjoy people with ridiculous demands filling up the front page with quitting the game threats and why this game is unplayable. Its very hard for the game to get big and continue to get balanced / patched up with new content if you lose people + scare away new players. We will never see this game at the point where we want it to be if that becomes the case. If I want to persuade a friend of mine to play this game with me, first thing they will do is look at the forums for feedback. Its hard when top 10 posts they see are all doomsayers.
  12. Oh my god, talk about my logic but look at you. No one's forcing you to buy anything out of the store. Also welcome to 2016. Do you only buy CD's to listen to music or kasettes? Oh wait they are mp3s and they should be free because making an identical copy literally takes 0 production cost. Am I being ripped off for buying the identical copy of the artist's work? For a free to play game I find $10 costumes not a rip off. I have sense of the value of my money. If it provides me entertainment and if my character is gonna look super cute / badass etc. which makes me happy who the hell are you to tell me I shouldn't spend it. I see entertainment worth spending money on.
  13. I am not demanding people who disagree with me to be quiet. Nice try buddy. You are a special dude I need to figure out how you can come up with this. Are you referring to what I said about people who threaten to quit the game if NCSoft doesn't implement their wishes?
  14. Dude, you won? good job. Did you destroy me now. Was that your end goal ? Destroy people on forums ? Couldn't care less for that. I am actually worried about the game itself not some shallow who won or lost arguments. For your interest some people really made me think about my post I give you that and if I had to write again I would change the way I point my opinion however yours was the one that made the least sense and totally made me think you didn't read, but I guess you were just trolling. 2/10