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  1. I can see a dps meter being useful to help improve our self's. But I can also see it being used in a negative way as well just to create drama in faction chat. I'm on the fence with this one really since it will bring good things and bad things.
  2. If the person's choice of antivirus software is keeping the gameguard / blade and soul from running. You don't have fully disable the antivirus software just add a directory exemption to the antivirus software and point it to the main DIR of BnS.
  3. My self I would never trust files that some random person uploaded. It's just asking for trouble as the files could be infected. I do computer repair as a hobby for extra spending money as I'm on a fixed income. I'm well known in our small town for doing computer repair. I lost count how people times I removed infected files off peoples computer. Cause people choosen to download files from some random guy off the internet. I fixed our towns office computer once cause they downloaded something they should not have. They ended up having all sorts of nasty things going on with the co
  4. So people choose to break the agreement that people accepted when first logging in. Try looking at it next time you log in. By downloading files from random people off the internet you could infect your PC with a virus. Even files just as a DLL can be infected with a virus. You might as well start opening file attachments people sends you though email.
  5. I been playing BnS since Jan and not once had issues with the game not running. Why not contact support and do the right way and not by downloading files from some random guy. Doing so could put your account at risk even if the intentions is good. Over the years I played many F2P games that used gameguard and never once had a issue with it. If NCsoft wants to use gameguard then that is their right to do so. Your only option if you dislike the way NCsoft does things is by not playing anymore.
  6. So you people choose to download files from someone who you don't even know. That's not very smart and by the way since you messed with the BnS files you just broke the TOS. If some how you end up getting banned don't complain about it and say you done nothing wrong.
  7. Do you have any crafting going? If so stop then or collect it.
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