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  1. Player Housing Please

    Player housing please!!! :'( 
  2. :o i didn't noticed! Damn!!! not good, I was about to buy the pet pouch!!! :'(
  3. Server are off?

  4. Totaly agree! That icy treat chest have a terrible RNG, is not rewarding at all... I want the brilliant venture token again! I really felt rewarded with it
  5. Buddy, I understand your feeling about this, but this is a little bit too much drama. This game as every other game, is just for fun, if you are not having fun then change to another class, I agree, Destroyers need something else to be special, but you must to stop asking for nerf to others because you are not earning allies to your cause. I hope they give us a Destro upgrade, some more DPS could be good. But you are asking for a totaly class remape, it sounds imposible, I really recomend you should think about change your main character. And about that "punishing" class, that sounds kind of funy and weird.
  6. Really Daily Dash?... Really?

    This kind of things makes me think RNG is not about luck
  7. 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - and then... i was so close to premium reward and..... 2 NCsoft is is making fun of me  
  8. Returning player

    Welcome back I still playing since the first day opened In my personal opinion, this is the best game ever <3 i love it, and well.. have fun learning :3 i bet you'll do it fast, is not so hard
  9. Is there this sword?

    Yaazz it is!
  10. Gunner Class When?

    Trailer was released at the ending of 2016 and it says "next year", the class is not released yet :( kr don't have even a specific release date yet, so we must wait some months
  11. I am 50 HM11, 722AP -,...,- and I always say "hi o/" at least, and try to talk, they do not always respond :'(  But sometimes they are friendly too
  12. I still friendly <3
  13. That is the way it is... a long road and we all passed by I am an assassin hm 11 720 + AP, and I once went low level without money, if you want good stuff you must work and work, like the real life you can not to be rich from one day to another, go ahead buddy! keep working!  By the way, now is easier than before, actually is easier to farm, to find party, to earn gold, enjoy!
  14. Ping is a sad story

    The problem is, the server is dedicated for NA, that means Canada, US and México, even some events like the costume design are "exclusive" for those countries, I guess they will not give much importance to South America issues :/ I have some friends from Colombia and Argentina and they suffer alot because of ping and lag. I hope they open a new server for Central and South America or increase the service to all the continent
  15. Hairstyles problems

    It matters, that is why you can customize lots of things and details about you character, that is why we have lots and lots of costumes Appearance is one of the biggest strengths of the game, many people really care about the appearance of their character