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  1. Does the Khanda Vihar resets quest too? or only the access to the dungeon?
  2. People dont have idea what F2P/P2W means
  3.   Thank you!!!! <3   Confirmed! Does not consume when Cancel, thank you thank you <3
  4. I am using one right now, but i have to go out, if I press "Cancel", the voucher will be consumed?
  5.  @GenericNick type and write the same way as @Valiant, to me really look like the same person
  6. Premium Benefits not applying

    Sometimes happen to me when buy ncoins ingame, just try to log out and in
  7. Sounds logical, currently all special skills are in pairs except SB, I hope gunner have SB, but the most a i hope and i pray, not to be unbalanced, that will ruin the game to me
  8. To return the required 24 dungeons

    I think is fine to keep Blackram narrows, tomb, blackram supply chain and blue dungeons for DC, but add a 24m dungeon to DC, like Zaiwei Ruins, is a good and fun place and is totally abandoned
  9. Thank you Kindly...

    People dont want to strain, to try, they want everything easy and free
  10. Player Housing Please

    Player housing please!!! :'( 
  11. :o i didn't noticed! Damn!!! not good, I was about to buy the pet pouch!!! :'(
  12. Server are off?

  13. Totaly agree! That icy treat chest have a terrible RNG, is not rewarding at all... I want the brilliant venture token again! I really felt rewarded with it
  14. Buddy, I understand your feeling about this, but this is a little bit too much drama. This game as every other game, is just for fun, if you are not having fun then change to another class, I agree, Destroyers need something else to be special, but you must to stop asking for nerf to others because you are not earning allies to your cause. I hope they give us a Destro upgrade, some more DPS could be good. But you are asking for a totaly class remape, it sounds imposible, I really recomend you should think about change your main character. And about that "punishing" class, that sounds kind of funy and weird.
  15. Really Daily Dash?... Really?

    This kind of things makes me think RNG is not about luck