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  1. premium-membership-tier-reward, comment

    Oh no... this is not good! So i am going from Rank 10 to 0 again? This is not fair because i spent a lot of money to be rank 10 and they said:
  2. I dont need it... I NEED IT!
  3. Register for your free pack!

    If doesnt work try ctrl+f5 to refresh
  4. OMG I dont want it... i NEED IT!
  5. Cant buy Slot Voucher

    Yeah! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! you are the best <3
  6. Cant buy Slot Voucher

    No, i dont :/ I was not aviable to register for Satchel, so i am trying to buy the slot using hmcoin
  7. Purchase limit! I have 9 chars...
  8. i cant find the button! Chrome (NO) Opera (NO) Explorer (NO) Safari (NO) using shift + f5 several times on each one What can i do? :c
  9. summer waves variant outfit Lyn female

    Maybe next summer
  10. Are you into yaoi? [Mushin Server]

    No, Jin male
  11. Are you into yaoi? [Mushin Server]

    i would love to, but i am in Taywong
  12. warlock or sin alt?

    If you are lazy choice warlock, to play sin you need 3 hands, to play warlock you only need 2 fingers.