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  1. I like your voice, sounds sexy :3
  2. Maybe next summer
  3. No, Jin male
  4. i would love to, but i am in Taywong
  5. If you are lazy choice warlock, to play sin you need 3 hands, to play warlock you only need 2 fingers.
  6. So you think no one knows about "girls gamers"? I dont care about the gamers grender, The only think I care about my party partners is (like RuPaul says) "Dont *cricket* it up"
  7. I main a Sin (hm12) and my alt is a BM (hm9) My particular opinion, is the Sin is the very best class ever! <3 i am so in love with sins, they are very useful for everything, very very good DPS (not so much as the BM), very fast attack, lots of iframes, cc (double stun, double daze, 2 single kd, some other stuns) and once you have perfectly domintaed the -stealth way of life- you will play the game very different from all other classes, you can skip some (most of) the dungeon mechs, you are just like the name says, an assassin, you live in the shadows (lol), kill the enemy and go away... no one knows what happened there :'v ninja style! You have the bluebuff, you can protect your party brothers, you can be a taxi or just chill with your friends moving them from here to there, you dont need to be a super pvp pro to win some matches because is kind of easy to win (once you are great at -steatlh+cc+hit+stealth- with some hm skills) Is a little hard to be a good sin, you need to know pretty good all the skills (like anyother class) but once you are, you can solo almost anything or to be a very valuable member of the party, i promise you will never get bored, i really love my assassin <3
  8. Good point!
  9. I bought 6 today, 6 yesterday, no problems with that The problem is... where can I get more keys!!!?? Why to limit the amount of keys? 3 from DC - 6 from store... and that is all 9 boxes each day, why?
  10. Yeah! people always find a way to cry and say "buu other people are better because they have money" MEH! If you are good as you think you are, you can farm gold and sell it to buy keys. STOP CRYING
  11. +1 want it too! I really love the game story and is better to watch it with my character than a random guy on youtube. I hope they can add an option to watch all unlocked cinematics
  12. Does the Khanda Vihar resets quest too? or only the access to the dungeon?
  13. People dont have idea what F2P/P2W means
  14. Thank you!!!! <3 Confirmed! Does not consume when Cancel, thank you thank you <3