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  1. Why is buying NCoin so inconsistent?

    that was never the case before i had a break from the game, i always got my ncoin immediately after purchasing. And as i said above, i did 2 orders in a row, the first with 4000ncoin which they wanted a confirmation with 12hr waiting time (which got confirmed but somehow still canceled) and 2400ncoin only a few seconds later, which i received immediately without even having my first order confirmed. before these two orders i also had to wait hours for smaller amounts of ncoin. for me this is just messy and annoying
  2. Hello, i came back to the game after a break from about a half year. All together i (shame on me) spent a lot money on NCoin in this game over time and still have nothing against it to buy some from time to time. But since i came back i mostly have to wait the "up to 12hours" until i receive my NCoin. This is really annoying because i missed several daily deals caused by the long waiting time. I get that there are Security Checks if you buy for the first time. But i think i have spent easily 2000+ € on this game and still have to wait when i want to pay more? Yesterday i purchased 4000NCoin (got the message with "waiting up to 12hrs" again) and 2400Ncoin (it was immediately confirmed and i got them in the same moment, i was surprised) after 7Hours i got a mail which confirmed my order about the 4000NCoin, but i didnt receive any. I waited again and after a total waiting of 17Hours there was still nothing. I checked my NCSOFT account and it suddenly showed me in the transaction history that i got my money for the 4000NCoin refunded??? I was confused and just tried again to buy those NCoin...aaaaaand got again that stupid message that i may have to wait 12hrs. Why is it such a pain to give them my money? With all these drooling for more money events lately, i would think it would be normal to make it comfortable for the customers to buy stuff. Does anyone else have such problem with purchasing or am i the only long time customer which constantly has to wait and pray?
  3. Spent my whole evening trying to spin. Spinned 45 times and got 26 shards. I had a quite lucky time for a while without whale trolls, but damn this is the most annoying event ever....for a really useless item
  4. Show off your characters!!

    good to be back after a long time :D
  5. FM class after patch

    Oh right....sry forgot about that xD
  6. FM class after patch

    you can do it everytime if you spec dragonwhorl. CD is short enough to do every root.
  7. it comes even worse, if it's true: Frost Armor (Tab): Stage 1/Type 1 (Lifesteal): Removed effect: Heals the user 1% of their health on resist Removed effect: Heals the user 10% of their health over 10 sec Removed effect: Inflicts 5 meter knockback on cancelling skill Stage 2/Type 2 (Freeze): Removed effect: Heals the user 1% of their health on resist Removed effect: Heals the user 10% of their health over 10 sec so there will no healing ability be left in the 1min cd version of frost tab. Only in 3min version. on the other side we are actually have only 5% heal now... maybe it's not correct and on bnstree there is still the 5% healing and 1% resist heal in the description. But could be it's not up to date^^ seems like de devs have much fun with cripple FM in PvP more and more without any reason.
  8. Ring resetted to stage 7 ?!?

    My wife's Ring is Stage 6 and is still 6 after requip it. You should be fine i hope
  9. Ring resetted to stage 7 ?!?

    same thing here.... soooo should i contact the support or are the fixing it by themself?
  10. KR Force Master Changes

    RMB chill is still available^^ but not the additional possibility to apply chill with f if you crit
  11. KR Force Master Changes

    hm but it seems without chill or heal effect :/ overall i very dislike the changes :(
  12. FM Arena Skill - Help

    The Skill is called Multiple Blaze and uses the key "4". You can unlock it, if you consume Offal of Silence, Offal of Darkness, and Offal of Luminance. You can get Offal of Silence from Shattered Masts (4-man) , the Darkness one from Gloomdross Incursion (also 4-man) and the Luminance from Twisted Grimhorn at the Trader or in the chest in the secret Chamber. You can buy the Silence and Darkness on f5 market. Also you can get it from the pvp NPC for Beans. I personally dont use it much in pvp. The chances to use it powerfull are to less and you give away your grab for it. Also it stops if you move or get cc'd. For me its mainly a PvE Aoe skill.
  13. Login problem?

    Ingame announcement said downtime will be about 30min.
  14. Sehe meine PvP-Medal nicht im Grp Chat

    Wurden mit dem Patch nicht die Ränge wieder zurückgesetzt? Mache nicht wirklich PvP daher bin ich mir nicht sicher^^
  15. Loginserver Down ??

    ich komm auch nicht mehr rein. gleiche fehlermeldung. Meine Frau sitzt nebendrann und kann spielen. Ich denke mal wenn sie off und wieder on gehen würde, hätte sie das gleiche Problem^^