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  1. Guys, soul fighter is their get out of jail card. They won't release it until everything else has failed and more than 50% of the current population has left the game. Believe me, they're not letting go of soul fighter that easy. I'd say they'll release it next summer. Me personally will quit if it's not out by the end of next month. out
  2. Would you mind telling me how you link youtube clips like that? When i try linking i only link the url :S
  3. All my chars are alts because i'm gonna main chi master! Hell ye
  4. You're one grumpy fella huh? Dont let your dreams be dreams.
  5. You dont know that! I know how peer pressure works, i'm telling you 500 comments and we're good to go.
  6. Keep it up bois n gals, when we reach 500 comments they'll either close the thread or release the class. Chi master/soul fighter
  7. I'M WITH YOU! Pls ncsoft, we wanna play ur game!
  8. Y so little love for destros? More than decent single/aoe dmg Durable Nice CC and utilities Coolest resuce move ever, grabs your dying body while leaping to a safe distance and puts an iron fortress around your recovering body for maximum effort.
  9. I guess you didn't press the ''manage appearance'' button? It saves all the settings from the creator besides the voice. I think you'll have to redo your char.
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