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  1. Guys, soul fighter is their get out of jail card. They won't release it until everything else has failed and more than 50% of the current population has left the game. Believe me, they're not letting go of soul fighter that easy. I'd say they'll release it next summer. Me personally will quit if it's not out by the end of next month. out
  2. BM and Destro are better than BD'S, period. The only reason i play a bd is beacause i find them more fun in pvp/pve. BD'S hm skills are laughable compared to the ones bm gets, like why the heck do we not even have a hm soaring falcon? BM hm block skyrocketed them past bds in pve and pvp. Have you noticed how many of bms skills are available for the hm line compared to bds? They have so many options and that is the thing that bothers me the most when comparing bds to bms. Isnt that kinda unfair?
  3. Hey, So they released warlock the day before black desert online got released. So i think they're gonna pull off the same stunt again with chi master. The question is which upcoming game are they looking out for? Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Anyone else getting a headache each time they're trying to log onto the forums? Sometimes you have to type the same shit for 10 times before it connects you, and the broken pos dosent even remember your name. God forbid you have to go afk for a sec, BAM it logs you out -_- Is it to prevent hackers, or is it just broken in general like the game?
  5. with a name as ''sayianprince'' you're most likely restricted by school and mom from playing much. Therefore my pro 1337 tips would be useless to someone in your position. Get rid of em and then we can talk some bizznizz.
  6. Would you mind telling me how you link youtube clips like that? When i try linking i only link the url :S
  7. Hey, So whats the pros n cons which each game? Since i havent tried bdo yet i can only speak for bns. BNS Pros: Loli lyns Cons, too much man, too much.
  8. Get the HM hurricane, should help you abit. As for fighting them i really dunno, i just go yolo popping fury when i see the thrall then go for the lock. Tho you wanna make sure the thrall is close to the lock just incase if he recalls it. Knockback on Q is also good,
  9. All my chars are alts because i'm gonna main chi master! Hell ye
  10. Fix awakened siren or go the oathbreaker path if you prefer those weapon skins. and bloodshade/tower soulshields. Are you talking about Mushin or Junghado?
  11. Destroyers power slam, its so powerful :D
  12. i guess you doesnt notice such thing with all ur perfect macros.
  13. You're one grumpy fella huh? Dont let your dreams be dreams.
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