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  1. HAHAHAHAHA No. An FM can make you die if they don't sheath properly, and this is coming from an FM. If during a 5 crux cold phase, an FM decides to use sheath for the first 3 and q e the last 2 hits, it can mess up a summoner's iframe. An FM can kill another FM if he uses Frost Sheath instead of Meteor Shower. In other words, an FM who doesn't know what the heck he's doing can cause you to die. An FM can protect you from 8 crux cold phase. What the FM just need to do is use Frost Armor (Tab) for the first 5 hits, use Ice Burst to release the Frost Armor (Tab again), then use Frost Sheath (V) for the last 3 hits. That way the whole party survives. You also mentioned that there is a period of time when you come out of the ice and you can't use any of your skills. Yeah, true, but that only happens if you don't press F to defrost and remove the Frost Sheath. You are supposed to count how many times the yeti has hit the floor, and defrost after the last hit, then iframe his jump. And by the way, I've seen Blade Masters iframing all 8 crux.
  2. Exactly what Syanonn said. I recorded a speed hacker at soulstone plains, even got my friends to stand next to him while he moves to show that it's not my side that's lagging, and sent it to NC. 5 days later, I see the same damn bot in another faction using speed hack again. I messaged support and guess what they said? This: Hello, Our Game Surveillance Unit closes thousands of accounts a week that are related to third party software use or in-game sales. I know it is frustrating that we are not able to get every single character in our sweeps, but we are inevitably going to miss some. That is why we ask players to send us the names of any characters they believe are using third party software. We will investigate them and if we can prove they are using third party software, we will close their account. However, we have to treat every account closure as if legal action will be brought forward. By closing an account, we are technically breaking a contract. We will not do this unless we can prove that the other party (the player) violated that contract first (in this case, by using third party software in our game). Regards, Cana NCSOFT Support Team Oh yeah, they're totally scared of hackers calling up their lawyers to sue them all because their account was closed. Stupidity at its finest.
  3. Paid for ncoin, ncsoft's authorised dealer (digital river ireland) billed to my card, but the transaction was not shown on the transaction history page. Submitted a ticket and this was their reply: Thank you for contacting NCSOFT Support.Due to increased sales volume from recent promotions, you may experience a delay of up to 12 hours before your order is completed and your NCoin is delivered. If you do not receive your NCoin within 12 hours from the time you placed your order, please reply with the following information so that we can review your transaction and determine why your NCoin has not been delivered: Order number Last 4 digits of the credit or debit card used for the purchase So, how am I supposed to churn out the order number when the transaction wasn't even reflected on the transaction history page? Seriously, and this isn't my first time purchasing ncoin, and this happens.
  4. How much did you shell out? Cobalt Wig

    Nope, but I did it with a bunch of friends, probably why I got it cheap :/ I heard people spend ~15-20g to get it tho
  5. Thoughts...

    A friend of mine sent me this
  6. ... the requirement needed for BSH is higher than yeti. Okay but on a serious note, what's up with players inflating the requirement for lv45 content? I think it's kind of getting ridiculous. (And no, my ap isn't below 480 if you guys were wondering. I just find this absurd.)
  7. Account Safety ??? ! ! !

    What do you mean the authenticator isn't working? I literally just used it to log into my account an hour ago.
  8. Junghado... i'm sort of confused

    When he starts resisting your damage, use frost sheath (his following attack will hurt a lot). When he freezes you, use your Q/E/SS. Spec impact to T3S2 and stun him when you freeze him. JHD allows you to phantom grip him, so do that and throw him across the room (this will buy you time from his next attack). Use meteor shower and phantom grip him if he moves out of its aoe. Pro tip 1. Make good use of your divine veil, T3S2 2. Use immunity potion (6 seconds one) 3. Practice and watch videos
  9. Farming for the insignia isn't pvp. It's almost the same as killing a field boss and getting the loot.
  10. Happened to me too - Hajoon server.
  11. Cursed Soul

  12. Cursed Soul

    So, how do we get it? Or are we just stuck with moonwater soul?
  13. Evolved Stone

    Does anyone know evolved stone's relevancy to the upcoming level 50 patch? Like, for what item do we need to use these stones for?
  14. If you're at awakened pirate, you will just need moonwater transformation stones to get to true pirate. You'll later need moonstone to get from true pirate to awakened breeze.