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  1. Show off your characters!!

    Her name is Relishy. She's my summoner on the iksanun Server. <3
  2. HM skills to focus on getting first

    Ah! You guys are awesome! Thanks. <3
  3. Currently sitting at 45 HM 5 a few hundred achievement points short of getting HM skills, which should I focus in getting first and in what order?
  4. State of summoners in the game right now?

    How are summoners looking in future updates like feb 8th and so on? I hope we get something, we went from top of the world at 45 to bottom barrel in a year. D:
  5. State of summoners in the game right now?

    I take it wind build is rumblebees and summoners are moving away from sunflower spam now? I miss my flower power q.q
  6. State of summoners in the game right now?

    I mean.... is that it? Summoners just suck now? I've read that they can't really compete with a WL or FM anymore due to gear catching up and HM skills... Just wondering if I should even come back to my fluffy cat lover if she's just going to get looked over and replace by a WL or FM. :v
  7. Hey guys! I'm shopping for a new desktop as my craptop that I play on is about 6 years old now and it's just getting to the point where it doesn't want to work anymore. The battery pack for this poor craptop died a few weeks ago and ive been forced to remove it, I know some people will ask why I'm not building my own pc, and the reason for that is... I can't. I don't have the patience for it and I'm just not tech savvy enough to trust myself enough to build it. I hope posting a few links are okay! (No banhammer pl0x.) These are a few computers that I've picked out for gaming and what I feel like I'd like. I'm on a budget of about 900$ but willing to spend a little more / little less. Any opinions from tech savvy individuals would be great! Of the four, I'm not really sure which I like more. I don't fully understand all of the graphics cards and things like that, but I like having 8 cores and 16gb ram for a few things I do on the side that don't involve gaming, but based on these stats, which one of these would be good for blade and soul too? Any help would be wonderful.
  8. State of summoners in the game right now?

    That's.... wonderful. :v
  9. Just wondering where summoners sit in the game in terms of pve, pvp and their famous role, solo farming. I've been reading here and there that summoners have been hit semi hard with a nerfbomb or two, and was wondering where the cutest little lyns sit in the current meta of the game? How are they in pvp? Are they still high damage in terms of PvE & How are they about soloing purple dungeons like they used to be? any information would be lovely. Thanks.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    I just came back and clicked on this cutie and just cannot resist the urge to share her. :v
  11. Looking for a little info Thanks.

    nice. Thanks. :p
  12. So, I'm coming back after about 7 months away from the game. When I left I had a summoner at 45 HM5 and a level 50 summoner HM2. They're pretty much equally geared and I'm honesly wondering which one I should choose to come back and main. I've also missed out on the whole pet system and the new ways to upgrade your gear. Is there a guide anywhere listing general information for returning players in 2017? I'd like to get up and running but I'm really not sure where to start. Any help would be great! #ReturningSummoner!
  13. Thinking about coming back to BnS

    Nerfed how badly? Can they still solo content? I'm mostly a solo player and love my kitty, so hopefully the kitty power hasnt been nerfed to nothing. :(
  14. Thinking about coming back to BnS

    Just wondering in general if BnS has stepped up their game and made any changes for the better of the players instead of stuffing their pockets like they did at the start.
  15. been pondering this for a while now, just wondering if its worth coming back. When I left the game had turned heavily pay 2 win and the bots and spammers had taken over completely. Just wondering if those problems had been dealt with. I really miss my summoner and was wondering how the class as a whole has been doing with recent updates. Thanks guys!