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  1. Why is this game getting bad reviews

    Besides people complaining about the mail, I'd say it's the exact opposite, people who want to never spend a dime won't care how much things are or what you actually get for your money, it's the people that are willing to put some cash forward who are being put off from doing so by certain things that are complaining. That aside I can see this game getting average to bad reviews, only the combat is really well done and despite not having "fancy graphics card murdering particle effects" it's so poorly optimized that plenty of players are having the issue that even when they have the settings rammed all the way down so it looks far worse than other games that play perfectly on their computers it still runs like *cricket*. We also have things like being vulnerable whilst loading and the now infamous partly loot issues to contend with too. It doesn't help that the progression system is made really grindy and rng based with the non-tradeable rng box breakthrough items to try to sell keys, but I give that one a pass because it is an F2P game so I kind of expected something like that somewhere, it's a shame it also makes every non-breakthrough item weapon drop an utterly underwhelming experience too though. NCSoft being, well, NCSoft with their running of the game itself mustn't help things either, I mean the queues shouldn't have been as bad as they were, the limit on the amount of players who could create characters in a server seemed to have been made much higher than what they can handle simply to hawk a lackluster premium subscription that is otherwise worth less than pretty much anything else in the Hongmoon store for what you get out of it, outfits you buy in the Hongmoon store are character bound rather than account bound to try and hawk multiples to people, items being character bound rather than account bound make extra character slots a waste of money, there's no server change function,ect. Tldr game is a freaking mess besides the combat and the reviews reflect it.
  2. TBH I had some fun with the PVE until it stuck me in the desert and it felt like all progress just grinded down to a crawl, breaking skulls all over the place to be told "We don't actually have the crest but that bloke might" over and over again, whilst killing random masked tribes which all seemed like the same one with no standout enemies or locations.
  3. TBH from the term "penny" I'm guessing the TC is English. Over here most goods sold are labled with the price including tax, even digital goods on PSN or Nintendo's online store do this, so advertising a good at the price before tax then adding it at the checkout comes off as a bit shady, it tends to be the sort of thing you'll only see from slightly dodgey contractors on quotes. This might just be a bit of culture shock as I'm not sure what the norm is over in America, but I can see TC being pissed off if he's had to go out and buy a pre-paid card for a specific amount and has then found out it wasn't enough later.
  4. Take your main through the desert quests. From then on you'll look at that create a character screen and go "nah, ain't doing that again".
  5. Trash war

    Only thing I think is dumb is being vulnerable whilst in a load screen. Other than that, you gotta watch yo neck on these streets, if you don't want to get murked don't leave yourself vulnerable by being afk or alone in your gang colours.
  6. Pinchy's outfit

    I could, but as a Lyn, my Pinchey outfit just looks like my character ate him every time she beat him.
  7. Account Bound Cosmetic Items

    I don't mind the price but I balk at not being able to do whatever I like with what I've paid for and having cash shop items be character bound rather than account bound also de-values the extra character slots you can buy because there is basically nothing you can share between characters on your account that you couldn't just share between two accounts anyway. I've bought the extra slot already before finding out about the costumes but safe to say I won't be buying any costumes whilst they are character bound rather than account bound.
  8. Manly cats!

    Tbh I was kind of hoping for a male voiced cat, I don't want my Lyn to be manly but the contrast of a cute little cat sounding manly and wearing something intimidating whilst kicking ass would be kind of awesome.
  9. My Complete Review

    TBH as someone who probably wouldn't be able to do animation cancelling due to the fps I can get the game to run at I think it should stay, get better internet or play classes that don't need to animation cancel to be viable. It sounds harsh but removing it from the game would be like say removing Sakura from the game in SFIV because some people can't do her combos when it lags or removing Alpha Patrakolos (think that was his name, it's been a while) from SC5 because people can't do his just frame inputs when it lags. I mean ideally, online competition in a game that requires good timing and reactions are pretty sub optimal anyway but as this is an MMO it's the only way you'll get it so the onus is partially on the users to make sure their conditions are as good as possible for competition. Personally I play on a laptop touch pad, so classes that can switch sides on you a lot are a real pain in the *cricket* for me to deal with, not going to complain about them being able to do that though as if I wanted to, I could go out and buy a mouse and figure out somewhere to put it on. edit: I suppose on second thoughts a fix for this could be to add something like a 5 frame input buffer (What Arc System Works does to make their games feel so good online) or to allow a player to set a regular input delay so they can get used to the timing and do the animation links on muscle memory but it may be too late to do so at this point and I daresay the people with a good ping would see the first option as dumbing down the timings and complain just as loudly.
  10. Hongmoon Outfits & NC Response

    But competing games certainly do have costumes without these restrictions placed on them, I've got PSO2 installing again on my current laptop right now and it has no such restrictions, care to guess which game I've given more of my money to?
  11. Hongmoon Outfits & NC Response

    That's weird, you seem to be responding to something that is not there, I can't see a single person in this thread complaining that outfits are being sold through the cash shop. The complaint here seems to be that people want to buy their outfits and do whatever they like with the products they've just payed money for, at that moment they aren't complaining about something free but about the specific part that they've paid for. "But it's free" is the cry of someone who would never spend any money on the game no matter what the circumstance and doesn't understand that the model doesn't exist out of philanthropy but because it can rake in more cash than unit sales or subs if done right.
  12. Hongmoon Outfits & NC Response

    TBH at least with me, this has been NCSoft killing the golden goose before it can lay the eggs. At first I wanted to buy a couple of outfits that stand out to me and to keep an eye on coming releases for anything else I might want but as soon as I heard they were character locked I was put right off and now hearing that their "fix" is "We'll let you buy something else to get full usage of the outfits you buy" my response to the costumes, which were pretty much the only things in the cash store that held my interest is pretty much this.
  13. What I don't get is this. PSO2 came out in 2012 when the Korean verson of B&S released, my last laptop which must have been a bit of a toaster by then because I'd bought it cheap and had it a few years before then ran it perfectly. This comes out in English, and I have a nice shiny new laptop that I bought when my last one died in November with an i7 CPU and 4GB RAM, not the best ever but surely better than my old one and it struggles, several times in instanced dungeons I've had to hit ctrl+F just to try and stop the freezes and I always get a period of plummeting frame rate when entering a new area. Since this is about as old as PSO2 and doesn't really look any better this should be running fine in theory but it isn't and I'm also seeing people with shiny custom built gaming monsters struggling with this 4 year old game. Why on earth is this game running worse for me than a similar game that came out at about the same time, on a better computer than what I ran that game on? (Hell I just checked on benchmark test and my old laptop's Nvidia G210m graphics card get bodied by integrated chips these days in speed)
  14. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    This is going to get real dumb real quick now so I'm just going to fire and forget here. Males and Females both sexualise the other sex (or their own in the case of homosexuals), it's called being human. For every DOA there is a trashy "romance" novel ala 50 Shades of Grey. For every man drooling over a sexy woman in a swimsuit, there is some woman drooling over a hunk with his top off. Shoujo manga are just as trashy and servicy as shounen, sometimes even more so. It all has a right to exist, I am not a totally ripped man with an amazingly pretty face, but I see no harm in the existance of yaoi manga which is pretty much all pretty boys *cricketing * eachother and is targeted squarely at women for sexual gratification and I also have no problem with women's panel shows and mags drooling over the latest photos of some Hollywood stud with his shirt off. There is nothing bad about people embracing their sexuality and with different media catering to different people with their own inclinations, rather than trying to tear down something others like, find something you like or make something you like. And if you are insecure about your body don't go crying about the portrayal of attractive people being attractive being terrible and making you feel bad, either see a therapist and learn to love yourself or make some plans and start improving yourself.
  15. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    It's just the game's style, they aren't going to bring in another costume designer just to satisfy you TC. TBH personally I'm not huge on the outfits that have everything hanging out, but they are part of the game's style and I have the choice to wear something else or to play something else so yeah, whatever.