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  1. Besides people complaining about the mail, I'd say it's the exact opposite, people who want to never spend a dime won't care how much things are or what you actually get for your money, it's the people that are willing to put some cash forward who are being put off from doing so by certain things that are complaining. That aside I can see this game getting average to bad reviews, only the combat is really well done and despite not having "fancy graphics card murdering particle effects" it's so poorly optimized that plenty of players are having the issue that even when they have the
  2. But competing games certainly do have costumes without these restrictions placed on them, I've got PSO2 installing again on my current laptop right now and it has no such restrictions, care to guess which game I've given more of my money to?
  3. That's weird, you seem to be responding to something that is not there, I can't see a single person in this thread complaining that outfits are being sold through the cash shop. The complaint here seems to be that people want to buy their outfits and do whatever they like with the products they've just payed money for, at that moment they aren't complaining about something free but about the specific part that they've paid for. "But it's free" is the cry of someone who would never spend any money on the game no matter what the circumstance and doesn't understand that th
  4. TBH at least with me, this has been NCSoft killing the golden goose before it can lay the eggs. At first I wanted to buy a couple of outfits that stand out to me and to keep an eye on coming releases for anything else I might want but as soon as I heard they were character locked I was put right off and now hearing that their "fix" is "We'll let you buy something else to get full usage of the outfits you buy" my response to the costumes, which were pretty much the only things in the cash store that held my interest is pretty much this.
  5. I'm watching you guys... http://i.imgur.com/c7OqbF0.png
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