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  1. American is not a language xD Also, i would not speak about immigration as a citizen of the U.S.A < That's a country (United States of America), America is a continent. Also If i remember correctly, the Native American's lived there before anyone xD
  2. If i may throw something in here as a non-spanish speaking person. If you guys want a sub forum, if you gather enough numbers, they MAY give in and make one. > Persona < To the point where someone said something about brown monkey or something like that, due the various encounters i had in all the MMO's i played, i grown to disslike most people speaking that language (same is applying to Russian for me), because (AND PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALY :C) most either begged me for gold/items and im talking most, like several thousands over the years (My social life is
  3. My character is kinda plain, no fancy makeup and most ''realistic'' body shape i could come up with Also here is the body, the face is a bit different since i dit a few tweaks here and there
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