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  1. Hello everyone, after playing for couple of weeks, i decided to leave the game, just wanted to say bye bye to the people i know on the forums ^^ If anyone wants to know the reason, there is no reason at all, the game just does not ''click'' with me anymore, i played kBnS and really enjoyed it, same here but for some reason, i cant get into this game anymore, its not bad, but i think and this is quite personal point of view, the delay may have been to big for me, i mean, i cleared the game in Korea (seen most of the contend, i droped it before the release of the hybrid class) and now replaying it is somewhat meh, the story is quite good, but i seen it again, and the only reason that kept me playing is ´the awesome, frustrating and rewarding PVP this game has to offer. As for NCSoft > As for me, im really happy, you guys released this game in the NA/EU and i hope a LOT of people will enjoy it, and i hope you will work together with the player base to make it even more awesome, and good luck on hunting down the bots ^^ As for the Players > It was really fun to play with you guys, i really enjoyed to fight you guys or work together in dungeons with you ^^ i really hope everyone will enjoy the new upcoming contend :) P.S. Have a nice day and have fun everyone~
  2. The RNG is beyond rigged

    Thats exactly mean that it is random as *cricket*
  3. The RNG is beyond rigged

    It is called a Random Number Generator, what do you expect, i was farming for Dura's dress, 25 Runs, not a single drop, well, *cricket*, go to the Yukai boss for quest, WELL FREAKING LOOK AT THAT? i got the dress on the first kill >.>
  4. Copy Paste BnS

    I dont think so, registry may be a bit of a of a problem, not sure really sure thou Do it, it works, good Do it, it does NOT work, bad, delete so simple as that
  5. A new class I'd like to see

    Oke now a bit seriously, i really would like to see a spear (polearm) user in this game (actually in any game) for some reason they don't get any love :C
  6. A new class I'd like to see

    Ahahaha Oke, you really got me there :D (but actually, why the F not ? :D)
  7. Downtime question [semi-rant]

    Yo Dwag came to mind on this :D Actually this is the first "logical" idea i ever seen, yes, i remember seeing double exp on some games, that is true, it just annoying to read in nearly all post people wanting to get something for free :C
  8. A new class I'd like to see

    Gimme a freaking spear, or a gun, or both, please let this happen, please please please
  9. Ideas for long hair?

    Hongmoon Store only if i know correctly. also > search for BnS Fashion site, all the info you need.
  10. Best Ping booster (must be free) ?

    Sadly, there is no FREE ping booster (don't even bother going for "cracked" version, unless you want a free virus), sadly, and on the PAID sector it comes down to 4 > WTFast, Pingzapper, Battleping, Mudfish, in my Experience all work to some extend, tried all 4 and ended up with Mudfish (cheap as *cricket* and its the only one who really gets my ping down, not just reduces lag spikes) Actually let me edit this a bit. WTFast > Shady as *cricket*, expensive, needs a bit of tweaking to use with B&S (reduced my ping about 10% and killed 80% of all lag spikes) Pingzapper > Not really expensive, quite easy to set up (dit not reduce my ping at all, removed 90% of lag spikes) Battleping > [personal opinion] Think its shady, expensive (reduced ping about 10%-20%, killed 70% of lag spikes) Mudfish > Cheap as *cricket*, good customer support, Confusing interface (web) and kinda annoying to set up [reduced my ping about 30% (so the most its actually noticeable) killed of 50% of lagspikes]
  11. Ideas for long hair?

    Its in the Wardrobe system, i think somewhere in the middle
  12. Ideas for long hair?

    The Empress one is alredy ingame
  13. Oke, since there is a maintenance going on, i go ask right ahead, since the time i joined, people wanting free stuff for it, i mean really ? REALLY ? for the hell you want free stuff ? does the few hours really hurt you THAT MUCH that you need to get compensated for it ? I just don't get it. can someone explain me why everyone (oke not everyone but you get my drift) something for free ? When i was playing LineAge2, RO, WoW the downtimes could take even a whole freaking day and noone ever complained, i see people talking like they are part of the DEV team like > Just copy files over, done is. This game is F2P (someone argues its P2W but meh, there is enough discussion going) so why you want more free stuff ? its not like the GAME is your only source of entertainment~
  14. Possible Add-ons for the game?

    This ^^^^^^^^^^
  15. Premium cash shop prices for laggy game

    All i want is the Free Wardrobe xD since the costumes fill up my bank XD Also to the lags, i'm playing from the EU on the NA servers (i just prefer it that way) so my latency is meh, im using Mudfish to compensate for it and it works quite well, i mean i play a KFM so i can tell if it works xD