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  1. Quote me next time, let me find your shade :) Never said any of that, just saying it's a little fishy when a large amount of people use it with a large amount of success, and one person goes around saying it's bad and you can't get any good use of it. It's less a matter of square vs. round as it is brand vs. brand, and you trying to tell people they'll suck for not using your brand.
  2. Girls wear wigs too. Pretty often, actually, for color or for lengthened hair when natural long hair is too much of a pain to take care of normally. Discussion ended.
  3. Though I'm certain bad is subjective at this point, it's still pertinent to a number of KFM combos, not just 3RF. To say that it's bad to use and gives no benefits when so many people do use it as part of their rotation with good results seems a little less than truthful.
  4. LMB is a key skill in the main KFM ani-cancel move....
  5. Honor on you, your family and your cows. I've found my jam for the next couple of days.
  6. All of the movement skills make me happy. You're not limited to just running, you can glide peacefully, run across water, run up walls, become a torpedo midair, shoot to the ground, vault over objects, not to mention your jumping animation can include flips and twirls -- it's a very nice aesthetic over all, and helps a run across the map become a bit more entertaining and bearable. The environments, namely Dragonscale, the Scorching Sands, and Sapphire Basin. I was floored the first time I entered each of those areas, they're just so beautiful. PvP music. When you know
  7. Warlock's not coming out on the 10th. If it was, it'd be plastered all over the place. As of right now, Warlock has no definitive release date. We just know it's coming "soon". And it'll take priority over Qi Master/Soul Fighter -- so you might wanna find a comfy seat. We'll be here a while.
  8. I wasn't sure if there was a master thread for typos or errors in text like this, and it's not really a bug per se, but I just wanted to make note of a few of the things I've found so far. Step in quest tracker, with quest "A Dynamite Plan" the last step says "-wReport to Sukatu". Simple typo. Looking at the soul shields available for purchase in Moonwater, and the first piece reads "Moonwater Unsung Hero's Soul Shield 1" while all others read "Moonwater Courage Soul Shield". If I'm not mistaken, Unsung Hero is the Cinderlands Soul Shield, so perhaps just a sm
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