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  1. Mastery box

    The True Stormbringer Soul can indeed be salvaged for 3 vials, but the pet aura that goes with the package cannot be salvaged for anything. You'd think they'd let you salvage the pet aura for some pet packs, but no you cannot.
  2. Circle of _Suffering_ ?

    Dellecross, it looks to me as though your problems with progression lies not in gear or knowledge of mechanics, but in execution; something you yourself have admitted countless times by now. As such, I believe you'd progress further if you would just slow down and return to basics. More specifically, you must let go the urgency you probably have in trying to dps as hard and fast as you can, even when it's not appropriate to do so. I suggest you spend at least a few attempts where you purposely don't attack and simply hold block while you watch and observe what the bosses are doing to you and when. As you gradually build the muscle memory of when to expect certain things to happen, the act of attacking, using cc, and dodging during appropriate timings become much more fluid, natural, and instinctive to you. A good friend of mine has similar issues of execution as you do and I believe you'd benefit from learning the same way I encourage him to do so. Again, the key is to slow yourself down and go back to the basics of this kind of gameplay, without needlessly burdening yourself with trying to keep track of so many mechanics at once. Just build up muscle memory one step at a time until you no longer need to think about it. Hope this helps!
  3. Divinity Bracelet for Sum?

    As someone that actually plays earth summoner from time to time, instead of just reading up their badge effects, I can confirm that you can and indeed are supposed to use sunflower + LMB simultaneously with your VT badge rotation. Like Suphu said, Thorn Strike/Briar Patch do not share a global cooldown with Sunflower/Rosethorn. For a mid-tier earth summoner with full VT gear, completely forgoing sunflower may not hurt their overall DPS quite as much as other classes, but you'd look very silly to anyone else that understands how end game earth summoner works.

    Perhaps we should be allowed to customize our bangle "tails" by using chromatic threads in some fashion. In fact, special weapon skins, especially the ones introduced via trove/F10, would be more desirable if their color schemes could be altered somehow. I'd pay cash money to do so.
  5. Um, what to do with the current ToI season?

    If you have neither need nor want for any tokens from this current season of ToI and you lack the means to get a high rank, then there simply is no need to farm this content. For better or worse, NC has decided ToI venture tokens are for end game players only now (or for those of exceptional skill).
  6. Well in Cinderlands your character works for that squat Stratus officer, albeit reluctantly iirc. Then you end up fighting waves of his minions at the end, so I assume there's some degree of betrayal going on there as well?
  7. Re-roll or carry on?

    Keep going, but don't upgrade those siren accessories! Instead, just acquire pinnacle as normal and work your way up from there. Later you can wear those siren accessories just to tilt people and to tell "back in my day..." stories.
  8. Amity Wings

    The drop rate for wings is very likely less than 1%. Some people have collectively opened thousands of crates and only managed to get their wings with leaves.
  9. Current State of Arena

    Another word for it would be shame. Believe it or not, some people feel bad when they lose a pvp match against another human being, regardless of who else is or isn't in the room with them. It's similar to the feeling of frustration one may feel when dying to a raid boss, except there comes with it the implicit realization that somewhere out there, another person is better than you. At least that's what I'm guessing an average, casual player thinks when they avoid arena. Those that don't mind losing a lot before getting good are the ones that actually pvp at least semi-regularly. But to answer your rhetorical question; yes, I suppose a lot of casual players are that sensitive nowadays. Edit: Thicc Stoccpot illustrated my point well and I didn't even read his post until after I finished replying.
  10. Current State of Arena

    Before you even attempt to understand why people aren't joining arena, you must understand why they're avoiding it. Sure, you can encourage players to join by creating better incentives; better rewards or maybe, just maybe, if arena were actually fun? But giving reasons to join usually doesn't do enough to offset the main reason that makes casual players avoid arena almost as badly as they avoid 6v6: Humiliation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but for the average video gamer, the number one reason a player stops playing (along with boredom) is if they've been humiliated bad enough, whether repeatedly or a lot at once. If I am correct on that assumption, then it would take a disproportionate participation (notice I didn't say winning) reward just to offset that big "never-again" attitude casual and/or mediocre players have towards pvp in general. And even then, they will still afk if they're allowed to.
  11. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    Hey now, there's no need to call out the displeased people like that.
  12. Wing Drop Rate Probably 0.1% at Best

    I agree with you there.
  13. Wing Drop Rate Probably 0.1% at Best

    Personally, I did expect at least 0.5% chance. I was so very very wrong.
  14. Greetings. To preempt the people that don't care about the wings: Good for you, but this post concerns people that actually like the wings and may think they have a reasonable chance of getting them without powering through to 100 leaves (which btw have more or less been confirmed to drop at a chance of 20%). Given a sample size of 0 wings dropped out of 1100 boxes, combined from 5 people, one can mathematically deduce what the actual drop rate could be for the wings. Is it 1%? Too generous, 0.99^1100 (meaning the chance of 1100 boxes failing at 99% in a row) is astronomically low. Is it 0.5%? Still too generous; 0.995^1100 means a 4% chance of failing like we did. Finally, lowering the drop rate further to 0.1% means 0.999^1100 basically means a 1 in 3 chance that 1100 boxes in a row would fail, which is more plausible. So there you have it, the drop rate is either non-existent or 0.1% at best. Be prepared to purchase at least 500 boxes if you really want them wings.
  15. Sure, they could make the drop rate 1 guaranteed leaf per box, but then they'd simply change the number of leaves you need for wings to 500 instead of 100. As it is now, you basically need to buy 500 boxes for guaranteed wings.