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  1. suggestions bc there’s never enough

    2 & 14. na does have some exclusive things, but true-- something that massive of a patch i couldn't imagine being NA exclusive. 3. if they added pvp type events (where you can get more items for upgrading pvp gear) or other stuff like that, i'd be more into 6s. but bc i don't view pvp as enough of a gain than a loss, i won't bother. (upgrading to incin is expensive, maxing the pvp accs is expensive, all of that for moonstones and venture tokens doesn't appeal to me as much as it would others as i still view pve as my main priority) 4. ok so i get that this is the case for you, but some don't like pvp-- either because of their class get scuffed to being pretty trash in pvp, lack of frames, or just it's not enjoyable to them. also, i mentioned it to grimoir but i meant it as elys need a specific spot for farming, much like how soulstones and moonstones do. i don't think they should remove the items from pvp, but i dont think they should be available in such abundance only there, it's not very fair to pve exclusive players. 7. honestly, any form of a larger crafting guild would be great. 8. well see, you can complain abt the pve stuff being available only there! that's not fair to pvp players who want pvp accs but have to pve! what i'm saying is, i think the price should be lowered or available in another place (they did this with the foods for the hm skills) so people can have access to it. there's no downside to more availability bc that'll always be welcomed in a game. 10. exactly, which is why instead of giving scaleburn wep, they should just give the rift/dawn wep chest. 12. that sounds like a cool idea! it'd support people using forums more which would bump the activity in it-- idk abt premium itself($$$$$$$), but having some cool title in game or something would be nice. 17. kr has it for badges and so does na, if na made it an na exclusive thing it wouldnt be detrimental. as the other servers all have their own exclusive things as well. 18. atm we have this option available with solar energies, but i think it should be available with just the raw items without solars being needed i'm not a fan of pvp, so honestly, the lack of it-- i don't care for. but the MASSIVE lack of attention they give to pvpers is concerning. just bc it isn't a large portion of the playerbase, they're still apart of the playerbase and i won't be surprised when they begin giving pve that same exact attention. 100000% agree. theyll just keep neck slicing you and doing like 2k dmg. i'll take the L for 20 please
  2. suggestions bc there’s never enough

    2. really, just for a different afk spot that you can res-charm yourself in if you die in f8 (there's still really no actual point outside of this tbh, and even then heaven's reach exists), maybe access to all the solo dungeons to avoid having to go to the areas (again, not like it matters bc windstriding is free). it's a cutesy, idle idea that most games implement just because people want it(even tho it gets abandoned). active crafting inside of it would be cool too 3. this is true, but even then the amount is insane. the hongmoon point charms (which i doubt anyone crafts, but it's an example) is insanely expensive. (i'll get a screenshot later if possible) but also a lot of people are kinda just bodies in clans and there will be 5-10 actively donating and such 4. i have plenty of elys, i'd just like a definite place for farming specifically it-- i should've worded this better (since raids cant be farmed, and cb isn't a guaranteed ely) 5. agreed, if they did actually put access to all of them, itd get tired and dried out just like the current rotation is. we just need more selection imo. 6. to tweak it for profit, it can cost chromatic threads-- i'd imagine the people who get extremely picky about small details would use this a lot. 8. increasing the reward is actually a better idea, u get a valid stamp 12. i still think if they allowed more customisation to forums or adjusted the set up, itd make more people look into it, since it currently looks like a ghost town. but that's just my opinion-- id use forums way more if i could just change the profile picture lmao. also, itd probably make more people look into the game since forums normally reflect the game (this is also just how i view it, since it took me a HOT minute to even find out a subreddit existed) 14. it's useless, it has nothing to do the lore, and there's absolutely no benefit to it. but there are still people who'd want it(i personally think a mentor/mentee system would be better but those normally flop in games). so i'm giving them their 2 cents of acknowledgment before i see the annual "mArRiAgE sYsTeM" demand in feb from someone who played for a solid 2 wks and is still level 11
  3. and it’s all i ever do when i come to forums lol ok firstly: 1. optimize the game (literally everyone wants it)— it’s profitable bc people will return to the game bc they'll finally have enjoyable frames 2. housing????¿¿¿¿ let me have a new afk spot 3. STOP ABANDONING CLANS plEase. the clan uniform was a cute idea, then it got abandoned, it’s expensive???? and for why? the designs are all kinda...lacking and you cant obtain some of stuff through pve bc it’s cash only. also— clan housing that can be like how the cardinal gates are (multiple dungeons you can just walk in). maybe have it specific to only the dailies or something idk work w me here. make it like a rank 5 benefit. 4. where the HECK are the elysians? ok so you get moonstones and soulstones from pvp (dumb— the pvp community doesn't even care about pve), sacred crystals are literally everywhere, and elys are???? it was in loot for bt and vt but tt? nah, have some much unneeded silver scales! 5. cosmetics are cash king. where they at? i dont care for new outfits, i just want access to all of them. 6. why is it 1000 ncoin/hmcoin for alt voucher? my character is cute so any tweaking isn't going to be $5-$10 worth(like $8?). the cats have a groomer, let us use that too for hair styles/recolours on our characters 7. did i mention to revive clan usefulness? ever since social clans popped up, there’s no need for a competitive clan since socials have benefits. crafting in competitive is probably the only thing. 8. oh the royal zen bean— if you're not interested in pvp, you don’t need this item. but, you need it for that one skill point, no one wants to farm 4k beans— lower the price or make it obtainable another way. (or both) 9. there’s a solid 3 people who even care about this games pvp, i see more complaints of it needing to be balanced than wanting that trash “you can queue for 3s specifically at this time”. that’s not how it’ll be revived. you have 3 voices to listen to that would most likely be super willing to say what needs fixing. 10. storyline wonky— after removal of bale/sera, you get scaleburn now and that’s significantly less dmg. giving rift/dawn then isn't game breaking. it’s ok to give the wep chest twice bc no way anyone is getting 8 slots on the first chest lol. 11. support team wonky— idk if they're following guidelines half the time or just being ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ for that day. get them all on track together, either get a bigger support team to answer all tickets or get a better one that doesnt close tickets for the basis of “we cant do so-and-so” when they do it for other people. 12. can we get better forums? this set up is JANK. player to player support is dead, most will just ask in general. clan recruiting section is dead. class help is dead. it’s not dead bc the player base is emptying but because everyone would rather use reddit/bns aca. bc it’s 10x easier to navigate 13. community managers play the game outside of streams. look, we can tell y’all don’t or you’d be able to make QOL suggestions to kr without the playerbase telling you to make them, or catch mistranslations or notice how trashy the client runs. also, where do you guys expect us to communicate with you if the forums RARELY get a response? twitter? reddit? facebook? linkedin? tumblr???? what???? 14. every year around valentines day, someone asks for a marriage system. so, i’ll just put it here bc i see y’all. (whatever bitter guy who’s married to his left hand, don’t bother interacting with this point if you don’t want it) 15. dynamics should be auto-accepted, or just an auto-reward. (im tired of crashing mid-accepting a dynamic even if it rarely happens) 16. i mentioned this in an old topic, but remove designer thread, please. or chromatic thread, just make them one in the same. 17. i also mentioned this in an old topic, but being able to salvage things for what you invested in it or half of it. it's available for awakening badges, so it can be implemented for everything else. everyone gets that feeling of wastefulness when a nerf comes to items they upgraded previously or when an event hands the items out for free. so like, work with us a little, give us a little something back. if not salvageable, let us feed it into another item worth what you put into it.(this sounds more complicated though) 18. also, previously mentioned-- let us turn older tier into higher tier. 3 rk feathers = 1 hq wing. 5 hq wings = 1 gc wing. 8 gc wings = 1 scarlet bloom. 3 draken cores = 1 hellion core. 5 hellions = 1 imperial (but imperial is new, so raising it to 8 hellions is fine). 3 rk souls = 1 hq heart. 5 hq hearts = 1 steel. 8 steels = scarlet something idk. not having the scarlet blooms/other thing is fine not to add in, since theyre brand new but yknow, that type of ratio. anyway, i’ll probably fix this if i get on forums on desktop(likely not). excuse any typos and grammar mistakes bc i'm drugged up on cold medicine and had a thought™️. idk add ideas or something if you want. also petition for grimoir to be a forums mod bc they’re literally the most active person i’ve seen in forums. (this is a joke, since most of you can’t tell)
  4. List of ideas to improve

    my suggestions-- also, if anyone doesnt agree, i dont care lol. dont bother trying to argue or debate w me. bring back the old questline and gearing system, where it required you to do dungeons for the wep and side quests. this will revive the old areas as players will spend more time there and more time to learn their classes. as well as allow more player interaction, this is an MMO but it looks like a ghost town. and YES i KNOW, nothing stops new players from doing the old dungeons anyways, but we all know if they ask in faction chat for help in a dungeon theyre told "just do the yellow quest". like, fine, if the old questline wouldnt be reimplemented(this is fine, bc alt friendliness is SO important--it's not but whatever) at least re-add the old weapon so players arent so confused when they get the new gear. 'dark or light?' is asked so often in faction chat, it's sad. (is this 'pirate or siren? revived) remove trove, "it makes them money" WELL point 3 can help them w that. also the fact players still buy gold from f9 with ncoin. people buying gold wont stop bc we love gold nerfs!(we dont, please stop nerfing gold and then adding items that need a lot of gold) get these ugly ass outfits out of f10, people who wanted them, got them. put in new outfits(not actually new, just not in f10 rotation for long enough) or for ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤s sake, just put an rng box with every single hm store cosmetic in it that can be salvaged for designer thread or chromatic thread to exchange for cosmetics at the clothing merchant if youre so pressed for that $$ remove designer thread, waste of inventory space, just let us buy the rng boxes at the merchant w chromatic thread the ideal raid loot system is msp, dont @ me. we all know it's true, everyone gets the loot box and everyone is happy(except when they crash), this is also allowing EVERY player to gear, which means content can be progressed quicker and people will have gear--which means no more complaints of gatekeeping! like, i appreciate the BT accs at moon refuge, i can yeet them to my alt, and the BOA badge/mat/neck boxes in VT i can yeet to my alts too. but im not playing them that way(i can go on a tangent abt this but itll get off-topic). optimization fix your clients. why does 32 bit crash so much? why does 64 bit feel so slow. (if youve used both before, you probably know what i mean) remove this difference between hongmoon gems and then just gems. it's dumb, and a waste of inventory space bc they cant be mailed to alts. idk why they decided to do this? so we cant salvage for gem powders??? why are gem powders rare? it's for gems, that everyone has, make it make sense. did i mention optimization people really underestimate the cosmetic community and have this weird sense of a certain amount of gear must be done to complete content that was done w way less gear. so, to say '❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you' to the community(we know you love to do that ncsoft), just let everyone be able to gear. and not through trove, it was cool and shiny and new at first but at this point, people only trove for cosmetics or to "catch up" or it's a little extra push. and let's be real, no one is troving for jackshit anymore after the constant player cucking(and everyone has significantly less gold to buy things). also adding this in, for anyone who is still bothering to read this, alts should be played as a new possible main because youre interested in the class. theyre not supposed to be event slaves or extra income. bns is one of the first games ive saw where people actively play 3+ characters just to support 1 if theyre f2p. tldr bc wow, wish i could type like this on last minute essays: optimization, revival of old content, msp loot system for everything, remove designer thread and only have chromatic thread, no trove, more/all outfits in f10, gem difference is dumb, ur clients suck, and trove is dumb. sorry for the longness i am PRESSED
  5. Official Nerfs

    idk if you can read or if you lack reading comprehension, but reread that til it makes sense to you or smth lol. especially emphasis on the 2nd sentence. thanks
  6. Official Nerfs

    ok so im never gonna look at this agn once i post it but what happened to the “we’ll post the official raid nerfs/dungeon nerfs soon!” it’s been abt a month; even though most of the community has pretty much figured it out, itd be nice to know what they actually are w/o doing things w trial-and-error. we cannot report whether or not the nerfs are nerfed as intended if we dont know exactly what they are lol
  7. most clans require discord for raid sign ups or general announcements, as it's hard to fit anything useful in the clan notice. it's also an easier way to communicate w the leader for if youre disappearing for a long period at a time, as the messages are saved/archived and wont disappear like blade and soul's. if you're truly uncomfortable w voice chat, i would suggest whispering the clan leader to let them know that that's why you may not have joined yet, i'm sure they'll be understanding.
  8. join a clan that does raids so you won't get scammed lmao. there are 5 problems with having a dungeon loot style for raids: 1. people can upbid on items they don't need, and people will still get ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed over bc now theyre paying more for an item they need 2. copper wars are annoying, no one wants to wait even LONGER having to sit through that bs 3. people who don't hit pass and make EVERYONE wait 4. crashers wouldn't get gold split, that wouldn't be fair and they can cry to forums abt being 'scammed' 5. anyone can make a high bid and then go through the portal so they wont have to pay, restarting the loot table once more most people in f8 won't even stick around for dungeon loot bc it's a waste of time if it's not a higher end dungeon. why would anyone wanna have to extend a 30-45 min raid to like 1-2 hrs bc of waiting for bids and splits?
  9. Increase SSP boss health

    it wouldn't be a problem if SSP was worth doing, now there's usually only 1 dominant faction there and only 2 channels. maybe there just needs to be a new faction vs faction area for later game players, since ssp is technically for like 45-50 (or whenever you can go to Zaiwei).
  10. ok, i don't think the title really makes sense but i was able to get the event soul and now have a normal stage 8 soul that i have no use for. i feel like if bns allowed players to salvage either the event soul (if they were unable to get the legendary) or the previous soul they had if they were able to get the legendary. or since salvaging is so difficult, allowing us to use it to upgrade-- like the previous hongmoon upgrading system. so, say you got the stage 6 soul at like... 87% or something and youre still using a solak soul or stage 5 soul or yada yada-- i think blade and soul should allow players to use the event soul as a sacrificial item to get to the stage before the legendary(bc that's pretty much where they were, and spent the gold to get to it) or be able to salvage it for all the gold used or be able to salvage it for oils that would be used to get to that soul if it weren't a temporary item. but aside from souls, i think this should be used for all the other accs. let's say you have a stage 2* destiny ring, and then get an elemental ring from BT-- you should be able to use the ring to feed into your bt ring since it's not like you didn't pay for the elements you fed into the ring. or, if youre a returnee player and you still have the oathbreaker/siren/whatever accs and get the updated legendaries-- there's no point to upgrade the old path just to salvage it for 30 jewels when you could've just bought them w the gold you used to upgrade it, so why not allow it to be fed into the current paths? i think this would also be fair for higher geared players that likely now, don't have a use for BT accs if they have the TT ones, and also fair for lower geared players who are blocked by the jewel price wall**. *i use stage 2 instead of stage 1, bc it's at least 3+ jewels that were put into it that youre never getting back **to explain this to those that wouldn't know what i mean: on my bale9 alt, she only makes abt 40-50g weekly just from the weekly challenge, that's only 4-5 jewels or 2 jewels(depending on the buy option). if i played her more actively, that might bump to like 80-100g-- which still isn't that many jewels-- so now imagine actual new players who are likely at the same tier that can't get into weeklies, or those who arent able to run anything that gives more than 1.05g (NF below basically). anyway, YES i know, it used to cost more! whatever! but when it cost more, there was more gold coming in to where we'd be able to make the gold we used back just from quests rather than having to sell stuff on the market. i don't think players realise your income should not come solely from having to sell stuff. blade and soul is probably the first game i've played where people will so heavily be like 'just sell/buy stuff on f5'-- i've played games where i could progress fine where i could ignore the player marketplace entirely unless i was tired of farming for a weapon and just bought the sealed version. tl;dr: let us feed current accs w old/expired accs, or salvage it to get back all the effort(gold/mats/etc) we put into it
  11. why are BT & VT runs limited to once/week?

    (i didnt read any of the other replies, for starters lol) I agree w this tho, BT and VT shouldn't be locked out weekly. They don't lock DT-ST dungeons weekly despite being able to get legendary gear from it, so why should either of these still be locked?? I can understand VT as it's the only raid that drops the elemental neck and badge, but BT accs are no longer the best possible(thanks TT). You can buy the prisms from merchants or from trove, and the acc needed can drop from dungeons-- making it indirectly farmable. So, imo I feel like that's BNS' way of saying 'hey, this item isnt endgame content anymore since a higher elemental item tier is out, give me ur money and buy keys!' Soon enough, BT is going to become like MSP-- they already give 3 pieces from a journal quest, the updated story will probably end up giving a full set by the end of the year. Anyway, I'm rambling-- yeah raids shouldn't be locked out weekly; especially when there's the case of bad/trap runs, forgotten quests, yada yada. Unless, they put it on the weekly challenge then I'd be fine w a weekly lockout ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ or if they decrease the amount of resets needed.
  12. Ew, Lucky Dumplings again

    agreed, getting this events currency is a pain in the ass to get. not everyone has time to do ns, if, and el especially since they're decently mech-heavy dungeons if you lack the dps for them. it doesn't make sense as to why they didn't put the currency in cb and dragon like they did for the last event so then everyone has a chance at getting 3+ a day we don't even need these garbage lucky dumplings, i have about 500 in my vault that i don't use bc i can use better buff foods that they shoved onto players from other events/daily dash
  13. Questions about Clan leveling...

    if it's a social clan, that's likely why. only competitive clans can donate and level the clan up (from what i can see)
  14. excess materials

    ok so, i have a bunch of draken core that i can't use(this includes on my main and on alts), lunar twilight flowers(as if i need anything from MSP-- i already have the outfit), naryu silver/naryu coin(drops literally everywhere, and there's no more dragon blood to use it on), peaches and blah blah blah. all of these items are bound to account so it's not like we can just donate it to a friend to use. so anyway, my completely entitled suggestion is to give us 10000000 moonstones and ely orbs for each. jokes aside, allowing draken core be exchanged into helion core and vice versa. >lunar twilight flowers into raven feathers and raven feathers into hive queens wings blah blah blah. >naryu silver/coin used to buy lucky revitalizers(because why do they cost 15g in the first place???) or be used to buy items in celestial basin instead of using the naryu tablets. >and peaches for ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤s sake, make those account bound or add more useful items to the exchange merchant-- after completing the know thine enemy part 2 quest(when i already had both of my badges) i had no use for peaches anymore. (while i'm talking about peaches, putting the transcendence engine @ the peach merchant and locking it behind an achievement maybe so obsidians arent TOO hard to get) these are just like.. the primary items i can think of that no longer have much of a use anymore once you get past 950-1k ap(roughly, and this is only if you have both badges) though, if anyone has any suggestions on what i should do with these items, please do tell
  15. Sick of people recruiting after boss is dead

    recruiting shouldn't be allowed as an option if any of the bosses are dead or if they're fighting a boss.. or if they start to recruit and someone accidentally aggros the boss then the recruiting automatically stops