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  1. Uhm. Will this be another grindfest/P2W like B&S? If so, no thanks. Fool me once...
  2. SPAMMER Completely Out of control

    You know how to reallllly stop the spam? Don't design your game around an insane, untolerable grinding and people won't feel compelled to buy gold to upgrade.
  3. The censoring starts NOW

    AND completely ruined that moonwater sidequest. It's censored since day 1.
  4. Why are developers so lazy?

    What the cricket are you talking about?
  5. Venom Dart drop rate

    Moonstones situation is way worse than stingers. Apart from the scarcity, they're prerogative of rangeds only.
  6. Heartbreaker Quest is Bugged! Admins!

    Wow, this is so *cricket*ing annoying. Doesn't that quest is a pre requisite to get the daily quest for Shrieking Caverns?
  7. Gem Slots, What the Hell NC

    lol, you're even spending more money after being shafted. It's kinda poetic.
  8. Gem Hammers for Affected Players

    *cricket*ing great.
  9. Gem Hammers for Affected Players

    So, since I'm not able to upgrade before the 27th, I'm basically screwed? Is that what he's saying?
  10. Question about about Windows 10

    I wouldn't "upgrade" to that piece of malware that's w10. Anyway, it runs pretty well on W8.1 (still a crapfest on harvest event or soulstone plains).
  11. Venom Dart drop rate

    And then you'll finally can play alone! Heaven!
  12. Technically, it violates the ToS. But there's no way to tell that you're doing it if you don't make screenshot or something, and even if you were caught doing it, it's a pretty minor violation and I doubt the GMs would be that unreasonable to ban you.
  13. Uhhhh... no. People are still complaining (and even more than before, since prices are higher and there's less people to do that content) about MTS-related upgrades.