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  1. Uhm. Will this be another grindfest/P2W like B&S? If so, no thanks. Fool me once...
  2. You know how to reallllly stop the spam? Don't design your game around an insane, untolerable grinding and people won't feel compelled to buy gold to upgrade.
  3. AND completely ruined that moonwater sidequest. It's censored since day 1.
  4. What the cricket are you talking about?
  5. Moonstones situation is way worse than stingers. Apart from the scarcity, they're prerogative of rangeds only.
  6. Wow, this is so *cricket*ing annoying. Doesn't that quest is a pre requisite to get the daily quest for Shrieking Caverns?
  7. lol, you're even spending more money after being shafted. It's kinda poetic.
  8. So, since I'm not able to upgrade before the 27th, I'm basically screwed? Is that what he's saying?
  9. And then you'll finally can play alone! Heaven!
  10. Uhhhh... no. People are still complaining (and even more than before, since prices are higher and there's less people to do that content) about MTS-related upgrades.
  11. It's a basic skinner box mechanism. There *has* to be a good balance of punishment/reward, or it doesn't work.
  12. Or maybe he cares about the game more than you, so that's why he speaks up when he sees something that he perceives as negative for the game.
  13. Yeah, because it's so fun spending 3 months doing the same content over (or NOT being able to do it because basically nobody does it anymore, like e. fleet and NSH) and over while updates and new content are released. Also, costs were ok then (being pirate endgame), but they're not now. If you think people will stay in game for 3 months without being able to progress, you're wrong. This will lead to desert servers.
  14. Me? Oh no, I was already full pirate before Silverfrost. But I see lots of people struggling with that. Edit: My alts though... they will probably stay at profane forever.
  15. Breaking news: there are no people anymore doing those 2 24 men. Only very few premades.
  16. "we" means that you have a premade party. GOOD FOR YOU! Other people are screwed. "lolz I got no issues so nobody haz them hurr durr"
  17. "...for the issue you're experiencing" = "we didn't read what you wrote, here's a generic answer"
  18. I'm seeing WAY more spammers than normal (there were less for a period, now they're back in full force), WAY more bots in arena and now the incredibly annoying friend requests too. This since gameguard was activated again. It's a burden only to legit players. Yeah, good work there. I'm starting to think the botters are using gameguard as a backdoor/vulnerability in some way, because every time it gets activated again lots more bots pop up.
  19. Aaaand they're back. I haven't seen them in weeks. And now they're back in full force: 5 rounds straight against destroyer bots. And they cheat even more now: constant teleports, instant "reflexes", no cooldowns... it's a *cricket*ing nightmare. The gameguard malware and removing certificates from blue dungeons worked SO WELL (against legit players). Maybe do something, NC?
  20. " Something like this " Not "exactly this" Besides, it's a pretty generic thief design.
  21. I really wish for a simple, realistic, sleek black costume for assassin. Everything is so overdesigned and busy. Something like this:
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