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  1. Why I can't buy NCoin!!

    Go here instead: https://shop.ncsoft.com/myshop/transaction You should be able to buy ncoins till your hearts content there.
  2. Well that was a clear-cut case of bots with hacks on. I wonder how the developers are gonna "fix" the botting issue this time because their last "fix" was ohh soo effective.

    I kinda agree, the game which they released for us westerners which they made us wait a extra 4 years for and even had to deal with them releasing a 13 episode anime based on the game during said wait time and trust that this entire time that they haven't been ignoring us. Wasn't worth the product nor experience with said product they ended up releasing in the end. So far, I haven't loaded the game since my last post and I don't plan on too unless I see a good reason to bother with it.
  4. Korean bots

    once the official forums are being filled with bots, that's where I draw the line.
  5. Banned for no reason.

    Call their Customer Service number then, if the ticket method is proving to be useless. 1 (512) 225-6359
  6. Banned for no reason.

    it's not, actually, here is what's stated in NCSofts Terms of Use, under "Accounts, Passwords, and Security" section here In other words, based on just the sharing accounts thing, the user had no reason to be banned for sharing it. But, this wasn't the reason why they were banned, according to the statement from them, it was due to a Third Party Program installed, which could be nearly anything installed on their pc.
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    what's worse is that there are new bots appearin like every 2 minutes, in my server + faction that is.
  8. So we have a new problem with bots

    they can't be found because there prob using a noclip type hack, otherwise known as a"fly hack". But I'm just guessing here
  9. wouldn't that make it the "Awakened Sunder" ability then?
  10. First off: Repeat thread Second off: just go here and find out for yourself: http://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Blade_Dancer
  11. How do I post an image?

    Left is just pasted in, Right is added via Insert image from url.
  12. How do I post an image?

    what's the image your trying to use? the url?
  13. The drop rates are not decent, they are quite demanding.
  14. How do I post an image?

    Click Insert other media Click Insert Image from URL ...Profit?