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  1. Why I can't buy NCoin!!

    Go here instead: https://shop.ncsoft.com/myshop/transaction You should be able to buy ncoins till your hearts content there.
  2. Well that was a clear-cut case of bots with hacks on. I wonder how the developers are gonna "fix" the botting issue this time because their last "fix" was ohh soo effective.

    I kinda agree, the game which they released for us westerners which they made us wait a extra 4 years for and even had to deal with them releasing a 13 episode anime based on the game during said wait time and trust that this entire time that they haven't been ignoring us. Wasn't worth the product nor experience with said product they ended up releasing in the end. So far, I haven't loaded the game since my last post and I don't plan on too unless I see a good reason to bother with it.
  4. Korean bots

    once the official forums are being filled with bots, that's where I draw the line.
  5. Banned for no reason.

    Call their Customer Service number then, if the ticket method is proving to be useless. 1 (512) 225-6359
  6. Banned for no reason.

    it's not, actually, here is what's stated in NCSofts Terms of Use, under "Accounts, Passwords, and Security" section here In other words, based on just the sharing accounts thing, the user had no reason to be banned for sharing it. But, this wasn't the reason why they were banned, according to the statement from them, it was due to a Third Party Program installed, which could be nearly anything installed on their pc.
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    what's worse is that there are new bots appearin like every 2 minutes, in my server + faction that is.
  8. So we have a new problem with bots

    they can't be found because there prob using a noclip type hack, otherwise known as a"fly hack". But I'm just guessing here
  9. wouldn't that make it the "Awakened Sunder" ability then?
  10. First off: Repeat thread Second off: just go here and find out for yourself: http://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Blade_Dancer
  11. How do I post an image?

    Left is just pasted in, Right is added via Insert image from url.
  12. How do I post an image?

    what's the image your trying to use? the url?
  13. The drop rates are not decent, they are quite demanding.
  14. How do I post an image?

    Click Insert other media Click Insert Image from URL ...Profit?
  15. Does anyone even care about PvE?

    personally, I find most of the PvE content quite dull and only amusing if you just focus on the combat aspect and the pretty outfits, which is the only reason I, as a PvE'er am still playing the game. My take on roughly all the PvE content of this game is as follows: The questing is standard "kill x" and "find x" types. The enemy A.I. while able to fight each other (seeing a raptor fight a wolf is amusing) they still just pace around all day. The dungeons get interesting down the line, but most of them are just your typical ones in every mmo. The crafting is not even worth being considered worth it, unless you like to suffer that is. The story to the game, it's decent to read but most of the time our character just ends up being stale and walked over by nearly everyone.
  16. Hey there guys! which is the best server?

    I assume your asking which server is best for Rp'ers, otherwise stating you like Rp'ing would have been pointless. Anyway, to answer that question....I don't really know, there isn't a "rp server" or something, plus most of the time I don't see much rp'ing going on in-game on most servers. My advise, just join one which you feel has a nice name to it, or join a server which you know has people you'd enjoying having in your server.
  17. I agree, the wardrobe should be available for everyone in the game. Outfits are a part of the core aspect of the game and restricting free players to the bank and inventory screen, which have a limited amount of room, kinda breaks the entire "get more outfits" aspect of the game for free players because the more outfits you have, the more room you'll need in your bank/ inventory to hold said items, which is a waste for everything else you can use that space for. If free players had access to the wardrobe like JP version, it'll give me more intensive to get more outfits for my character because I can hold them all, if I want too. Which, if they released more outfits in the store, I as a free player would have more reason to buy those outfits because I can hold them in the wardrobe, then freely choose which attire I wanted to wear that day. Yet, restricting the wardrobe to Premium only just wards me from getting more outfits, thus making me pay less attention to the cash shops offers. thus, they lose profit.
  18. Race change

    I remember them talking about Race Change in their livestream (they just uploaded the video to their youtube recently) But I forget the exact moment when they talked about it in the stream. But I do recall them saying that they'll think about implementing it or something, but I could be remembering wrong here, it was a long stream after all.
  19. The story is pretty ok, not the best though in my opinion, The crafting system isn't all that great, needs alot of improvement, The outfits all look nice on both males and females. But there isn't anything other than that, So far, the only minigames in this game is the Wheel of Fate and even that is game to get items. Haven't seen any other side activities to do, Most of your time is spent just fighting or crafting, The quests do get pretty unique though, but ultimately they end up repeating for awhile. so, my answer to your question is gonna be No, there isn't much of any side activities to do.
  20. Help with Sap!!!!

    If your trying to unlock Paulownia Sap, just go here
  21. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Ip ban them and make a bot to auto ban goldsellers in-game. There, problem solved.
  22. I want a Rifle class!

    my guess, as to what happened, is that the developers were working on the class but somewhere down the line, it was canned because it didn't feel right for the game or something. Which doesn't make sense since Soha exists in this world. I heard you can still find files referencing this class, including skills and such for the class.
  23. Omg Omg this is so bad!

    your forum account was prob banned, but i'm just guessing here. Go to Support and ask them, they'll know I found your other account. So, thought I should link it. https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/profile/943732-viper1000/
  24. Add a few premium only servers

    here's a problem with the "premium only server" thing, What would happen if you don't want to keep buying premium anymore but still want to play the game? Will your character in that server be locked out? will they transfer the character over to a non premium server? these are reasonable concerns of mine