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  1. The gift was a trap to new players

    it's always like this so, in case they're giving tradeable materials, people can't create a lot of new accounts to send the gifts to their main one
  2. Time for new Hongmoon skills?

    lol game's not ready yet for those skills, they're totally op and would break a lot of things.. on sf, for example, it CANCELS the cooldown on howling blast (X)... just lol
  3. Returning scrub player

    few weeks? in kr maybe lol warrior will come to us maybe in october or november, earliest in september
  4. How about reviving old content?

    ahahah i'd really like to see a realmrift labyrinth or nexus! those were good times and i enjoyed a lot realmrift poharan. What i think they should actually do is put more importance on world bosses, make them more challenging and rewarding, or even create events around them. Example: world boss randomly spawns, every 20-30 minunes between each kill, among pre-selected areas of the same region (so nobody can camp a location and go for a instakill or create a bot to farm it); it has high hp but simple or mid-tier mechanics and players have to do 1-5% of damage to be eligible for the drop, which could be a token intended to be exchanged in dragon express. Everyone in the same region (viridian coast / cinderlands / etc) should get a chat notification like "<boss> spawned at <area>". This simple idea makes people return to long forgotten areas and explore the world, since it's really a shame that 90% of the game is a never-to-return location.
  5. Returning scrub player

    Gear price is the same for every class, and every class has to make the same progression, so there's not a cheaper class than another. The concept of "fun" is personal i guess; as for easy to play, go for a ranged class like gunner (tipical high dps + reset), force master (high dps + party protection), warlock ( soul burn buff) or summoner (healer + cat tank + party protection). As for me, i find ranged classes boring most of the time so i usually play melee dps + utiility. It's just up to you, really, but u may want to start with an easy class to farm end game content and learn mechanics of bosses and dungeons. You should pay attention to what internet connection you have, since some classes are really hard to play with high ping (kfm, sf and few others). Just look at some vids and see what u like yourself, as there's really no overall "weaker" class. That said, gunner and summoner are really noob friendly and pretty popular.
  6. About Simple Mode

    Some classes have horrible macro setup which can't really be used in most situation. Talking about Light BD, for example, simple mode is really great for the anicancel but it makes you use other skills (X and V) as soon as they're avaible, which gives problems in the buff uptime and results in a dps loss during boss battles. I'd really like it if we could manually set or change the macro ourselves
  7. Change from Lyn warlock+other questions

    well... it's true levelling doesn't stop at 55, but 55 is the minimum required to play seriously and search for parties and clans. I'm sure u can get to lv55 in few days if u do only yellow quest and can beat story bosses fast enough.. again, lv 46 is nothing, devs made levelling a lot easier than 2 years ago. As a side note, only whales managed to get to max lv, which is "55 hm25", most players are between hm10 to hm14. When u finish main story, u will get to at least lv55 hm7 and before that u shouldn't do endgame content
  8. Change from Lyn warlock+other questions

    lv46 means nothing, really.. if you're not happy with your race/looks, just start a new character, since u can get to max lv and start endgame farming in few days, at most. There is the option to change race/looks and it costs between 1k and 2k ncoins, but as i said, in your case, it's not worth it. To level faster just follow your main quest, the yellow one; aside from some specific ones, u don't need to do blue quests. Also do purple and orange quests too whenever u can, since the unlock abilities and instances (check your received letters in the <J> tab)
  9. AHAHAHAHAHA >players complain that 20g for a legendary element/jewel is too much >give them "cheaper" option: less gold + few materials >people are now more or less happy >introduce exp charms requiring same mats >everyone whales on charms >mats price goes sky high >the "cheaper" option is not cheaper anymore >players want 20g option back >players are happy with 20g option GG
  10. Sundered Nexus Chest Outfit

    This is false, SF has a second daze in TAB escape: just stop one of the saws, that the boss launches, near the center of the room where the boss will be during phase, be on ranged stance and go near the saw; you will be knocked down and can tab daze the boss. Use 3 to get the second daze in. Some other classes that don't have a second direct daze can do this too.
  11. Gunner's E

    you can't use e to "jump" to a higher level ground with gunslinger, like in that yeti zone. If your going uphill, u can't use it. Edit: you can jump to same level ground or downhill only
  12. I guess it depends on what u find enjoyable in a game.. dpsing down bosses? having many ways to help your team? tanking and following boss' mechs? I have all classes beside FM as of now. -KFM and BM are the tanks: you follow boss' attack rotation, keep aggro on you while trying to direct his attacks in a harmless way for team members. BM has a powerful Party Protection (PP) while KFM has Blue Buff (BB) which is a team dps buff. Both are melee classes -Warlock is the Soul Burn class: generally it's wanted in parties only for his buff, which is the strongest in the game. Ranged class: stay far, use SB and dps. Top tier in pvp -Assassin is the stealth class: goes invisible and can do some fun comboes. Wanted in parties because it has BB, like KFM, and some minor PPs -Destroyer and Blade Dancer are the grab classes: they can grab bosses, immobilizing them for 6 seconds while other can attacks the boss for really high damage. Both have a PP. Destroyer needs end-game gear to be on par, dps wise, to other classes, but i find it a really fun class. Both are really good in pvp. - Soul fighter is a pretty underused class right now even tho i find it funny to play. It's wanted in parties because it can heal. Has a really good burst damage skill -Gunner is the easy class: really high damage and burst damage, ranged. Only thing it offers to a party, beside his dps, is Alpha Call which can reset cooldowns of some of the most useful skills of the other team members (like SB and BB). Really easy class in pve but somewhat difficult in pvp -Summoner is another easy class: u have your cat doing things and tanking the boss while u can stay ranged and dps. Can heal, like Soul fighter. -Force Master, which i don't play, is known mainly for its high damage and his party protect (similar to the destroyer's one). Hope it helped :)
  13. Destroyer Cleave Can be used while moving OMFG YES
  14. This topic i'm making is for those who found difficult to beat Poharan. I'll start by saying that to do this dungeon you probably will need a full party, with people who know the class they're playing. I've played the dungeon for few hours with my BM and now know almost every mechanic there is to know. I've found that SOUND is most important in the fight against poharan Poharan Rotation - Attacks and what to do. 1 - She will jump over the head of the tank, shooting (gatling) and dazing him - AOE daze unblockable - She will make a "hiup" voice sound just before jumping; as a bm i just ss as soon as i hear her voice; you can use "f" to get out of daze, but her gatling does significant dmg, so ss is preferred 2 - She will charge at tank after the daze attack, launching him in the air and shooting (gatling) at him doing a LOT of damage - Single target blockable - every class can block this, but you need to time it right if you have short block. BMs have something like 14k hp in this dung: taking the full hit, leaves them with maybe 15/20% health --> you will most likely die if not at full health. IMPORTANT: Poha can be stunned/dazed/knocked down while she's shooting at tank to help him 3 - After this she will backstep, face the tank and shoot with her gatling and daze her targets - wide and long conic aoe, blockable - as a bm, you should follow her with 2 and get behind her with q as fast as possible; after she locks on you, you can get again on her back with e. This is to make poharan face away from the party while she shoots IMPORTANT: Poha can be stunned/dazed/knocked down while she's shooting AFTER the backstep These are her 3 basic attacks she uses during all the battle. IF THE TANK STAYS FAR FROM HER, SHE STARTS SHOOTING FIRE GRENADES AT HIM I think (not sure about it) every 10% health she jumps to the center to make her map aoe which needs to be immuned. FM ice sheat should be used during this phase: The aoe will start going outwards from the center just after the *beeep* sounds stop: that's the right time to immune if you're in meele range. If you are far from poha and have a skill to close the gap, you can use that skill to "fly" over the aoe while it's going outward,going near the boss. After 50% health she will start doing the room wide ice bomb attack, in which players have to pull the lever to activate the vents on the right time. Only one lever between the two will be active every time, and people can see which is the active one by noticing the steam coming out from the vents: the right lever is always the one near the steaming vents. Before the big ice explosion, poharan will start shooting bombs, which leave fire on the ground, at the tank. Tank has to kite the bombs while staying away from party members and FAR FROM THE LEVER (leaving fire near the lever makes pulling it impossible). Poha will stop shooting bombs just before the big explosion, leaving time to the tank to position himself on a vent Since i've been tanking most of the time, i couldn't do the lever mechanic often, but from my experience we need to pull it after the 9th or 10th *beep* sound. The lever takes 2 or 3 seconds to activate The vents stay active for a short while (maybe 2 or 3 seconds) and the ice bomb can't be immuned, blocked or negated with fm's ice sheat, so it's imperative to get the lever timing right. Somewhere between 40% and 50% of her health she will call her tiger pets (the "cats") which have high hp. From my experience it's useless to try to kill them, it's better to focus on poha; there are 2 main methods to deal with them: a ranged class has to aggro them while kiting around poharan, but this becomes risky during the ice bomb phase when you'll have to stay still during the steam. The method i think it's the best is having a BD or DES grab them and make them unconscious in the border of the arena, effectively disabling them for some time. HOW TO MAKE THE FIGHT EASIER The most useful classes for poharan are grab classes, DES and BD. Having 2 or 3 of them in the party should be good. Dps is really important here: it's not really required, but bb and sb are useful For the last spot i would choose a FM for the ice sheat The most important thing people should know for poha is that it's better to have a ranged tank which, usually, would be a fm. Having a ranged tank makes her immobile during most of the fight, while with a melee tank she jumps and moves everywhere during her rotation. The only thing to be cautious about is the fire left behind by her grenades while the ranged tank kites her. Everyone should try to cc her whenever possible during her rotation (see attack 2 and 3) for BDs and DESs to grab her --> free dps without worrying about her attacks. I'm sorry if i made some mistakes, english is not my first language. Wew sorry for the long post, have a potato All in all, i think this event is pretty fun, rewarding (easy raven and beluga soul shields) and forces people to play the game as intended (no whale feast lol) with party planning, strategy and comunication between members. Have fun and practice this boss, i had my first victory against poha after 5 hours of trying lol, but now i find it somewhat easy THIS IS HARD AND IS MEANT TO BE HARD (at first)