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  1. Yes, that's usually how it works.
  2. You are most likely very correct about this game not being for me. However, as stated in my other posts, I don't think the MM is a bad thing. It's the way it's presented. The community in an mmo is supposed to be a feature, not a requirement.
  3. I don't mind. I wasn't really trying to start a discussion with this thread anyway.
  4. Would help if you put what server you're on, also try switching channels. Usually on channel 1 there are people killing pinchy.
  5. Thanks and I do appreciate the advice. If I decide to return some day I'll keep that in mind. I've said hi to a lot of people. Sometimes I'll get a "hi" back, but no one wants to talk. That wasn't really the issue so much as the fact that we are forced to party up in the first place, making them more of an accessory than a human being. The community should be a feature, not a requirement, or else it takes the magic of it away, because we're only partaking in it because we have to.
  6. That is one way to look at it. Again, this isn't a complaint thread, just my own personal experience. However, from a professional standpoint, scaling dungeons around a specific sized party is bad game design. Yes, it's a multiplayer game, however the point of that is to be part of a community because you want to, not because you are forced to. When you party up with people because you are forced to, they are no longer fellow people, but rather tools you are using to your advantage. And that takes away from the community aspect in general. I did not know that, and it makes sense
  7. Yeah my friend has been unavailable for the past month or so. I tried kung fu master, assassin, and summoner. Summoner did considerably better than the rest but still no luck with getting past the first miniboss. I don't use F7/F8, I prefer being acquainted with people before partying with them. I played around 3 hours of the new content, up until I arrived at some place with "Cafe" in its name. And I have been doing blue and purple dungeons, just failing miserably and never clearing any. As far as Mushin's tower, if I remember correctly, I got to floor 3. There were 2 people wi
  8. I ran it probably 4 or 5 times but never finished it. As I said, I still don't know what any of the moonwater dungeon bosses look like.
  9. I never got a brightstone weapon box. I was planning on using a brilliant key if I ever got one.
  10. No, I had way more than enough money from crafting. I needed the brightstone weapon.
  11. A little bit late since I actually left Tuesday, but I figured I'd make a quick post anyway. These aren't complaints, just general feedback of my gameplay experiences during my time here so devs or whoever can get some idea of the game's difficulty level if they want to. In 2 months of playing every day, I still do not know what any of the bosses look like from blue or purple moonwater dungeons, nor do I know what anything looks like in Mushin's tower past floor 3, even after hours of practice. And due to that, I never got past awakened profane. I've been playing games
  12. Hi everyone. I've planned on making today my last day for a little while now. Let me know if anyone wants to do anything before I go, I'm on Yunwa. Thanks all of you and take care.
  13. That's what happens when parents let their 10-year-olds play M rated games.
  14. Two things come to mind. First, the timed fights. They serve no purpose other than to create a content barrier for the majority of the playerbase and also discourages freedom of playstyle, as it encourages skill builds to be set towards a meta. Second, the flame walls during boss fights. A better solution would be to disable repawning while in a dungeon. Respawning would cause the player to automatically leave the party, and players will not be able to invite others to their party while inside of a dungeon.
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