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  1. Allow us to bail out of bidding

    Absolutely this. This works two-fold. One, it prevents what you just said. And two, it also helps for people who jack the price up in hopes of screwing somebody, but then no one bids on it. Almost always someone who does this just bails. There's no danger in that strategy. Being able to bail just nullifies all risk involved, which is ridiculous for something so powerful.
  2. What new race would you like to see in B&S?

    Definitely the Lycan race. When I found them all I could think about is, "why couldn't I be that race, they look amazing"
  3. SoulShield For FM lvl 40

    Chances are, on the essence wheels, by the time you get the weapon you need from them, you'll have a full set of the associated soul shield. Those are what I used all the way to level 45. They're already unsealed as well, which is really nice.
  4. Bidding. If you are dumb I'll take your gold.

    I really don't get all the salt in this thread... If you don't wanna spend all your gold, then don't be annoying and spam bid. Seriously, that is annoying as shit. Especially on items you know are going to hit 30 silver like they do every time, and you're spamming 1 copper. You better believe I'ma make you pay 2 gold for that. It's the least you can do for the team.
  5. that's actually pretty damn funny.
  6. True SIren +10, Does somebody already have it?

    true profane is better for most classes ATM. But I'm sure there are some people who didn't know that and continued upgrading.
  7. Bloody Blight Illusion Weapons ?

    bumping because I would like to know as well
  8. Bidding needs change

    I would be so sad if they did this. There is almost nothing in this game more gratifying than causing someone to pay 2 gold for an item that's worth 30s.
  9. Censorship and Changes

    Only problem with your argument is that the uncensored version IS the NA/EU version... Can't tell if bait post or not.
  10. Please remove que time to get in game

    Yeah, remove the queue times! That way he doesn't have to wait 33 minutes. Then he can wait until next month when the servers actually stay online because the entire player base is gone.
  11. A problem with the bidding system.

    Everyone wants money, so that doesn't really make sense. It isn't childish that they want to earn something from running a dungeon. In this case, what they're earning is gold. There's nothing wrong with that. Chewing someone out isn't going to stop them from being a pain in the ass. So that's moot either way.
  12. Bidding drop

    Yup. I've earned a lot of money doing this. If you're going to be annoying and spam bid, you can pay the price. It's only fair.
  13. Sorry NCSoft.

    they're good (one of the best) in future patches, on our current patch they're in a problematic position.
  14. A problem with the bidding system.

    Even though I always drop out of a bid if someone in the party is the only one who can use it, I like that people have a choice. That's one of the few things that games just don't do enough. They make it so... carebear. If I want to rob people blind, I should be able to do that. Not everyone wants to be the nice guy, and you shouldn't punish them for that. Everyone has a playstyle, that's what makes games great.