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  1. report your friends anonymously. its a dick move, but they deserve the ban as well
  2. BnS on Apple Products?

    I play bns on my iMac. Get a copy of Windows and go through bootcamp (it's a program already on your comp) . It'll set up a Windows partition on your Mac that you can switch over to. It's 100% windows, and you can run any Windows program on that partition, INCLUDING bns. Edit: my iMac is from 2011
  3. What is this?

    no clue but try jumping into it
  4. Lv 45 soul shield?

    thanks so much omg! this is so helpful!!
  5. Lv 45 soul shield?

    thanks so much! so first i will be working on the moonwater, and then do what you said.
  6. Lv 45 soul shield?

    would those soul shields also work for a destroyer or would they be different?
  7. Lv 45 soul shield?

    Good afternoon everyone. I've searched the forums for this, as well as other websites, but i'm not quite sure what soul shields i am supposed to be using. I'm a level 45 summoner (I hope I don't get hate for that), and I'm using the Moonwater lv 41 soul shield set. I just hit 45 last night, and I have absolutely no idea what i'm supposed to be doing, in terms of the soul shields, and in general? I know I'm supposed to have a higher soul shield, but I heard that people mix and match, so I'm really confused? And I also know i'm supposed to be doing dailies and dungeons, but my weapon isn't all that great either -- Awakened Infernal Staff (stage 10). So I guess my question is -- What soul shields am I supposed to be using, now that i'm 45?
  8. -Survey- school project.

    i did the survey. good luck!
  9. Computer advice needed

    this? Card name: AMD Radeon 6600M and 6700M Series Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Chip type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x6741)
  10. Computer advice needed

    i have no idea what GPU is. but the shadoes/effects/AA are all off and have been the entire time. and yes, i DO get crashes, or "not Responding"s. and i wish i could get a new computer altogether, but just like the OP, i cant afford any parts LOL
  11. Hacker?

    i have no idea, but thats name shaming so you might want to take his name out
  12. Computer advice needed

    i know how you feel. my graphics are so low that the boobs have edges and they are square. not to mention the NPC hands look like theyre from a ps1 game. well... basically everything with my lowered graphics looks like that. my specs are: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400S CPU @ 2.50GHZ 2.50 GHZ RAM 4.00 GB 64bit, x64-based processor no idea what any of that means, but i know theyre shitty specs
  13. Cats, cats and more cats....

    summoners are fun and cute. thats why i play them. the only lyn class i like is summoner (unless i like warlock more, im going to try it out), and lyn is the ONLY race i like. i dont like the deal with the boobs. even when the other races are 0 chests, they STILL have boobs. summoner is just overall really cute. no need to fuss over them
  14. 900 RNG boxes purchased, no Jacket :(

    how much money is 900 boxes?