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  1. Lately a lot of idiots have been recruiting in F8 when the boss is already dead and giving the rest of the ppl Cooldown and screwing up their daily quest. . . Please do something about that, something like putting a condition of getting the cooldown only if you hit the boss or something like that.
  2. Both are the same size, normal Zulia and ultimate, RIP. It maybe work with smaller characters but not for bigger characters, is just too small /tired.
  3. Everything is bigger than Zulia's skin . . Just because she suppose to be a kid is not an excuse of being almost invisible. . .
  4. Is that a bug??? I compared Zulia pet with Tae Janjum and the difference is clear if this is as intended i will need a refund of my materials and gold /tired Tae Jangum Zulia Pet
  5. BT Earrings&Ring from vendor?

    I am agree is not meant to be easy thats why is one run per week :V
  6. Is game gonna die ??

    I don't think so, the whales that you mentioned before are the ones that keep this game on-line.
  7. Are you trolling us? 15 orbs in 10 runs? if you get 1 per box then you just hacked the game to get the other extra 5 /giggle.
  8. So much crap... not enough space....

    OMG this is necromancy, why would you revive a post that was made 2 years ago? holy moly xD!
  9. Do something about the drop rate please!!! /tears
  10. Upcoming Humble Brag System... off switch?

    Or at least be honest and change the name from "Humble Brag" to "Whale Brag" it would be more accurate.
  11. Please tell me, because for me is only poison and that Ivy Effect that gasping root gives to summoners; in that the debuff items such as Xanos Jewels and the Amber Gems is just aimed to assassins and summoners /sick could it be that they created items only for those classes? Someone said in faction channel that stun is debuff as well but that is status effect, isn't it? So I am really confused because I do not know what is debuff in this game /sick in most games debuff is usually things that slow you down, root, decrease defense and such butt here is really unclear because the tool tip in your skills doesnt say applies debuff or something. Then I bought the Amber Pentagonal Gem and replaced with a Sapphire Pentagonal Gem and I compared my damage in PvE. I tested both of them and i did not see any difference in my DPS same base damage, same critical. So what in the hell does the debuff damage do??????
  12. Exp Charms

    that would be nice to have ^_^
  13. Do you guys think that since you wont need that crazy amount of oils in the next patch, the price of oils will be cheaper or instead expensive? I would like to buy some but what if the price goes down to 150g or so? Do you think if it is a good idea to buy them now or better in the next patch?