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  1. No just NO ive seen what this did on WOW you get the well geared players lording their DPS over average players and even kicking them from the party along with a few nasty comments.
  2. I was playing on my Crappy Laptop at the time because i was getting my PC Repaired this is Him now
  3. Sporting my Silver Dragon Costume its a shame the Game is in Low Graphics because im playing on my Crummy laptop.
  4. +9001 i Read Bigger Breasts i click Like i agree but i want to see some Movement :3
  5. Like the in game Profile image yea that would actually be better.
  6. I suggest closing any programs you have in the Background like Steam Skype Teamspeak Discord or even your Internet Browser my game froze every 20-30 mins when i had any of those open but i haven't froze for the past 6 hours with them closed also Open Task Manager and set Blade and Soul Priority to High.
  7. like Exzear said just been able to add a custom profile Image would be enough for now a bit variety to the Forums.
  8. +1 A lot of Games do this for the same reason Lock6 stated and i personally think its much better to wait 7 days for a character to Delete than having to go through Character Retrieval with the Support team because your account was hacked.
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