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  1. One of the worst p2win event i've seen in a mmo. Whats the point in me doing hundreds of yeti runs..hundreds of blackwyrm runs, those boxes have everything in it. @Blade & Soul can you guys also add achievement points in those boxes? its the only things thats missing there .
  2. lokai,,,the gameplay in this game actually consists in grinding. There are no raids - no challenging dungeons - its a typical KR grind MMO. Yet stacks of 100 darts skip you 100 + 4 man dungeons runs you would normally have to do to obtain those to upgrade 1 stage of your gear,
  3. LordLokai - as i see you havent played BnS Kr - the economy there is 5 yo ..here is few months, Also i bet you are a casual player that is happy to be able to catch up with people that played this game 12 hours a day since new patch.
  4. Hi, and bye BnS . I am a player that plays allot this game , i have over 100 runs yeti 4 man , good gear, hongmon skills i farmed hard for. I am not f2p as i already spent 500£ in this game - cosmetic and premium as i thought this game deserves my support - grinding with friends on TS was enjoyable. Now all is pointless - people get with like 50£ what i grinded since last patch , even skill books that u had to grind the hardest content you can get them now with luck/money. What the point of the game if u no longer need grind? there are no raids ..no item drops , no point in dailies since u ge
  5. Do we realy have to go Outside now? gameplay out there is shit~
  6. Be good boys and tell us what u done that you all got banned~
  7. there are no mods on this forum or something?
  8. the winning regional costume :D i'm telling you who done the in game 3d modelling never played this game .
  9. also what the point of daily dash 3 tries per day? after i finished it - 16 days you stay w/o spin.
  10. costume shop is terribly disappointing - only a hand full are available - and lets be serious - Christmas ended more than 1 month ago - the current shop just makes it seem like they dont care. Just left it like that ~
  11. the desgin issue is it gives lyn breasts that makes it look retarded. NO OTHER costume does that - they all stick to a pattern. The guy who designed for lyn must of never played this game. Whatever - its a shit costume - but the idea is its unfair we dont have access to Regium Corvus. Its 1 client - i purchased this game from BNS.com - not eu... Its in the game..its in the wardrobe and its unobtainable ? That means 100% completion is not possible.
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