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  1. Do i realy need to install windows 10 for this to work .... like seriosly.?
  2. Its either bugged for real or removed, already tried on 4 browsers, and 4 mobile devices, + 1Insert other media tablet and a (i meant safari) So what ...
  3. I think every single player out there is annoyied by the summoner as you cannot do anything to it. Raise the damn summon time in arena. Lower the stealth they use. Give them a pedo bear instead of a cat. Make summoner looks like annie from League of Legends. Hell DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS CLASS ALREADY, you got all the damn updates by now(even thought they are not translated yet), but the devs can please fix this broken ass class on this broken ass update ? I think each and everyone that doesn't play summoner expect SOMETHING from this beloved NCSOFT company.
  4. Ok, just saying then, i won't have that conversation with you, and you clearly haven't read TOA.
  5. Can you please change this, becoming a paying costumer doesn't makes you special in any way then the others when it comes to support, its not even stated in the TOS.
  6. Bye, nobody cares, nobody will miss you, but its true the rates are low, but its considerate in this game because you only have 1 item for leveling, and not 10000 others, so you can focus on one.
  7. roll-to-win system. Ah ? Where what when ? How did RNGesus system is for the win ? Explain ?
  8. Have you read thru the topics inside this post, or are you just facerolling everything we said without even reading it?
  9. From what i understand they are trying to get money out of you or anyone else in your situation, for that matter, while this is one of the conflicts i hate the most, i would probably do 3 things and get over it. First: Play the game they are playing Second: Raise the stakes up and hopefull they will pass it Third: Do the same thing on other dungeons you do for any other items. Besides the Second one , its profit for you.
  10. Why did you bid for it if its useless :O , i clearly don't understand what you did, if you could explain i can help you with the auction system, and next time you can make some serios money out of those BR Trolls.
  11. You can just outbid everyone by increasing the bid copper,silver, gold to a new value, its your fault for waiting that much.
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