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  1. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    Speaking of open world. I have a bunch of characters near 45, but none at it. Is there content or zones gated behind story progress/completion? I ask because yesterday, for nearly two hours, I was behind bots (identical preset destroyers with nonsense names and nonsense gear) who were clearly being manually leveled through story quests. Quests that clearly could not be automated - clean this statue here, light this oven there; that kind of stuff. This game must be pretty profitable to gold sellers if they're willing to take the time to walk characters through story progression.
  2. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    These numbers may be a very accurate reflection. They may not. It is impossible to know with a game that had its own non-Steam launcher and player base for so long before going free to play. But that's not really the point. This is: Tera has an economy that is perfect for gold sellers. It is as cosmetic heavy as this game, with rare rng items, pets, etc. that can be sold on the auction house for in game gold. Yet I saw no noticeable bots or gold seller spam in all the years I played. GW2 and ESO are both two more good examples. Those game had bots everywhere. ESO was probably worse than this game. Large gangs of them moving and hacking around just like BnS. But one day they just didn't. Disappeared. Almost completely. Why is that? Instead of assuming an internal solution was reached to combat bots by the developers, you keep insisting in every bot thread that gold sellers suddenly gave up on these games ... literally overnight and, by the way, preceded by messages from the developers saying "we've got this" ... because they were suddenly too old to farm. Sometimes the solution is right in front of you.
  3. So you gonna do anything about the bots??

    As pointed out, Tera doesn't have a bot problem. Played that game for years. Not sure if it ever had one. When GW2 launched, it had a massive bot problem. Now it doesn't. ESO at the start was littered with bots. Now it is not. There are solutions out there. And this game needs one badly because the state of botdom here is way off the charts. I will be corrected if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure this is the only game in recent memory where bots show up regularly in a dungeon party or dominate the PvP queues. That goes far beyond the usual bots popping around stealing nodes and kills. It is disheartening and offensive.
  4. So you gonna do anything about the bots??

    There is such a thing as middle ground between the near impossible "bot free" and the current condition of "polluted to the gills with bots" because it has been accomplished in other games.
  5. 7 Days to delete a character!?

    7 days is excessive. 48 hours lets people who don't play everyday check in to see if their account was abused. But ... if they feel 7 days are needed for safety reasons, then the answer would be a fixed number of slots. Meaning, deleting a character over 15 automatically opens a new slot. When the old character deletes in 7 days the slot disappears with it. Cancel the deletion on the old character, the newly opened slot and character locks/deletes and a new "deletion" slot can't be opened for 7 days. This prevents people from deleting characters then canceling deletions back and forth within the 7 days as a way to gain an extra slot.* *I think we should have more slots to start with. Two (now three) is stingy beyond measure. But they did this for whatever reason and I am looking at it from their point of view.
  6. No. It doesn't change gender or race. Just appearance.
  7. Strange redirect;connection not safe

    Oddly enough on my tablet (as opposed to my pc where today was a first) this has been happening for weeks.
  8. Show off your characters!!

    Hey! Wait a minute! My assassin: My FM: My Destroyer (of the rare non bot variety): My warlock:
  9. Show off your characters!!

    My obligatory warlock:
  10. It's to avoid the travel. There's an upgrade necklace that comes with the dungeon completion chest. I was halfway across the map by the time I was ready for that upgrade.
  11. People play it because it is new. It is a fun class with satisfyingly flashy skills. Whether the novelty wears off over time and people go back to their mains, time will tell. The downside of everyone playing a warlock if any? Get used to using Ctrl + F in groups.
  12. Destrojer Boths in Yehara

    Right? I mean there are a couple of items from the wheels you can trade on the AH, but I thought the money was in bulk essence sales.
  13. Problems logging into forum.

    Well at least there is the pin code. And I believe you can add another layer of Google Authenticator protection as well.
  14. Problems logging into forum.

    Every day, at least two attempts. Yesterday, something like 15. I get a notification and verification code sent to my email if I log into my NCSoft account from another IP address. Does that hold true for the actual game as well?