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  1. This game doesn't really work well in the current market. As you say, it is pretty outdated and the fact that it runs something like Gameguard sort of proves that. It hurts more than it helps, and that should show if you take a look at the arena and the rankings. Actual PvP doesn't start until mid platinum because there are Destroyer bots all over gold, and summoner bots/hackers in early platinum. PvP aside, the games PvE side is nothing interesting either. The only thing this game has going for it is the combat.
  2. I've been upgrading. Naryu 4 man is not possible with my stats. BSH and Poh 4 man? Those dungeons are laughably easy and not on the same level as Naryu; it doesn't really take much to finish them. The only downside to Bloodshade Harbor is how unnecessarily big the entire dungeon is. Nothing else. EDIT: 400 for a 6 man? You're really cute. Naryu is doable with 380. Sorry its not fast enough for you. You could always go advertise for 400+ AP parties instead of being the shitter that drops into an F8 group only to leave. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1
  3. Upgrading your weapon immediately isn't even optimal. I have not been able to run Naryu 4 man yet, but a lot of people don't upgrade past Profane so they can work on their accessories first. You do have a point about some people hopping into dungeons with just True Profane and no real soulshield, etc etc, but not everyone has the same level of guidance.
  4. Different design philosophies and communities. It would help if they introduced a way to kick AFK players, but NC Soft West believes that it would just be abused by players (and they have a point, just look at master looting before it was changed). It also doesn't help that NC Soft West doesn't even have a development team; they are a skeleton crew. Anyway, all MMORPGs are going to have a grind. Brand X already made solid points about it. You enjoyed the grind in different games. Korean MMORPGs are notorious for this level of grind (just look at RO back in the day). But some peopl
  5. This is an engine related issue, I think. UE3 only supports up to 5 mouse buttons (left, middle, right, and the "thumb") buttons, though I think by default the thumb buttons are also disabled.
  6. You are on Mushin, probably? I had the same problem. I switched from Crimson to Cerulean; it was the only way to get stuff done. If you have a clan, maybe you can try to ask them for help. Find an empty channel and farm Cerulean NPCs for the insignia's. Its the only way you are gonna get it done, unless you find a time to switch factions. I'll say now though, that this game is marketed as more of a PvP game than a PvE game. The PvE in this game is shallow compared to other MMOs; the thing that balances it out is a combat.
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