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  1. oh please put the Melodrama Costume in F10 it has the nicest hair i have seen in the game so far
  2. from that link they only thing i cared about was the part were it say they might be uncensoring the outfits besides i prefer shadow for my gunner
  3. im glade you putting all this effort on this design now do on all of the others treat them with the same intent you have for this one be fair stop singling out one design investigate all the other designs other wise this is purely baised. Cause if you wont do it for all them this form should closed cause its not helping and its tainting the voting pool no matter whos design your attacking.
  4. makes me wonder who made this post probly some in fear of that blue and white flower outfit was only a few votes down from being thrown into 2nd place fact of the matter is that why isnt no one looking into the other designs to see if they have been "copied" single one of the design is highly unfair weather it is copied or influenced or what ever these kind of posts shouldnt be made unless your going to go after all of the designs not just one because in truth you are seeking to make a design look bad so that some one else can look good which is tilting this contest sadly.
  5. must be a yun/gon problem jin FTW
  6. golden flower is the way to go phantom flower is meh i mean i dont want to be a walking garden
  7. for reals vote for this one is more awsoem than that walking flower basket outfit
  8. Requesing Lock this post is highly unwanted no one wants lowered drops rate on legendary item stop trying to hurt the already injured player base.
  9. i like this update now i can focus on dps instead of tanking never liked tanking anyways
  10. its a gold sink not the best but its a gold sink
  11. was looking for a way to contact some on in regaurds to a character preset but they are on another sever wuts the best route for that i have there name but it would be for postive use is that allowed here?
  12. i pulled a bundle of 10 sacred oil not too long ago from a crit but that was with in 90 keys
  13. i have been playing since launch i have seen the struggle and been threw having rerolled many times. us as the people yea we controll the dungeon requirments despite there being a gear recommendations tab. now i can admit i would rather run with higher ap incase mistakes are made then the dps can cover that mistake at times but this doesnt always work. so on top of high AP people are now attachings things to it like link achievements or Exp players only. <--- doing this makes its hard to find a competent party to do even cold storage lol. but thats besides the point. No one is willing to t
  14. the only reason i would want to back this is if some one made gauntlets/bracers just hand wraps
  15. resurrect this post for the sake of the white seductress
  16. i want this so badhttp://s31.postimg.org/q2ottb0sb/posting.jpg
  17. the pink sweater omg name more pics and how long ago it came out dam i want this one so bad
  18. perhaps and im basing this off some thing else perhaps they do get impregnated by some male of another race and return to w/e there home village is the land it self my have magic like properties that always makes are child birth there a female. its the only thing i can make sense of it considering the amount of spirit like energy influence this game has i wouldnt be surprised if that were to case. cause if anything they would probly be male yun if born out side the home land but im guessing here this topic been reading it for the lore and the comical comments lol.
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