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  1. The pigeon-shipping industry needs to make money somehow. Think about the poor people that has to clean up their cages for once!
  2. Summoner playing in a party is clearly have it easy compared to other class, especially if they don't spec on their summoner potential damage and focus on their cat support instead, they wouldn't pull aggro and can let the cat or others do the tanking. I played summoners and I would agree that it is much easier for beginners to play summoners as it is more forgiving of mistakes, as summoner you have a dispensable second health bar in your hand. It does not mean its op, I agree. If you've played summoner and other classes far and go into pvp you'd realize that this class has poor defense and co
  3. Seriously, from what I read the reasoning for not having a functional wardrobe system by default sounds like a buyer Stockholm syndrome for making a justification of a purchase over a bad deal. You know that the deal is horrible, yet you make the purchase for the sake of it's small benefits, and now you are defending the bad deal because it gives you a sense of commitment to the entire product, and shun others that does not makes the same choices as uncommitted people ('freeloaders'), even though it is not the case as people has actually spent money on costumes and dedicated their time to the
  4. There are 2 kind of players 1)those who want to play the class that they want because they like the concept and features. 2)those who want to play a class because people said it's difficult or easy and want to prove something. Sadly the second type of people more often ended up with a pile of salt instead of just enjoying the game.
  5. There is no perfect answer to how x class should fight y class because every player could build different skill build and fighting habit. For example one summoner might emphasize points in sharing health between summoner and their cat, some might trade it for other skills or take different path like the True Friend path 2 that does not heal but give 5 sec iFrame. Everyone played differently too, there are summoner that rely heavily on their cat cc and attack method thus putting a lot of point into the Alley Cat or House Cat upgrade that gives their cat more HP and attack/defense points. But th
  6. I'm guessing after the big update, as the current board says around 5 days left. Daily dash is like a monthly login event, the board resets every month, it doesn't matter when you're start playing by the end of the one month cycle it will reset. (example you started playing at the 20th day you only got 10 days left on your board just like everybody else).
  7. Now I spend too much time on my alt, lol I supersized my cat and now we're having the same heights :D
  8. As for the Taiwan server, when I played there for the warlock update you got 5 free slots for character from the beginning.
  9. I would say this is pay for convenience. Pay to win in my opinion is if they have item that people have to pay that gave them advantages over people and there is no way of obtaining said item in game. That is all.
  10. Sssh, tone down. You would trigger the "but you could played it for free" or "go subscribe to get basic benefit" crowd.
  11. I understand on what you're saying that 'this should be expected' after all seeing on their initial marketing strategy that disguise premium early access/demo as a 'beta test' and of what happened during the actual launch where f2p strategy actually started. I wondered how come people didn't take a hint of what to come. Then again, there's always the defense of 'but you can play it for free' to wash every complaint away. I've seen worse, to be honest this is not even half bad for a f2p model, it's just that there are alternatives out there that has better offer for the same price
  12. Nah, people free to vote whatever they want. If they want to spend it on RNG boxes that's fine by me. Isn't it what we called democracy?
  13. Are you sure we have to purchase it? TW server got more slot than NA by default (5 slot) at the time Warlock update was released, just curious.
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