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  1. Now I spend too much time on my alt, lol I supersized my cat and now we're having the same heights :D
  2. Have you tried throwing the bomb at its burrowing place?
  3. I got it from the green dungeon, if I'm not mistaken its the poisonous lair or something. I unlocked the ability to craft blight weapons cosmetics.
  4. There is a nice guy paying for 1 gold 30 something silver on my run yesterday. It was a nice party with good teamwork and the bid was a good sport with jokes thrown one or two when someone add 10 silver each bid. Everybody cheers the winner afterwards. Wish all of my run was like that. :)
  5. (Playing from Indonesia) As I have played in the TW server for awhile, of course lower ping server is highly preferable. However as what happened with several regional variations of the game adaptation, I could not stress further of the importance of having a good publisher, which I hope NCsoft would handle it themselves instead of giving it's right to third party. Had to say that SEA region publishers is the epitome of P2W and greed. I know there's some outrage on the topic of NA BnS regarding some alteration, but trust me, if a SEA server is held by third party it would be no less disaster t
  6. Sorry for the unsightly apparent aliasing
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