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Looking for noob-friendly Social Clan!


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Hello! My sister and I are looking for a clan to join! One that's happy to do quest help for lower levels, because we're new to the game. We're around level 20, and we got to the point in the main storyline where we're at the heroic dungeon in Blackram Narrows, and our first attempt at it ended with us using all our dumplings and giving up. 😅


So we'd like some guidance on that quest specifically, and to just be apart of a community that's happy to help with more quests going forwards! We don't know anything about PvP yet and are focusing on PvE for now.


I'd also like to ask, does this game have an official discord server, hosted by blade and soul themselves? Or are there only community servers?


Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer! If you're looking to add either of us in-game, my IGN is Haejangmi and my sister is Daljangmi

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