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Soul Fighters <Support Class> notes to myself

Yuuya Amagi

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<<<<<<<<<<Soul Fighters>>>>>>>>>>


An <all rounder class> but more of a <Support class> then anything, should learn all roles due to character's flexibility in all area's. Soul Fighters are one of the lowest DPS classes and cant power through Mech's unless it's a low level dungeon and your really over-geared and properly stat for max DPS.


*NOTE* will have to learn how to use and play all 3 Specs and take the time to learn all 3 specs, skills and specific skill rotations to be flexible.

*NOTE* SF can still be played dedicated to 1 play-style and will lose full flexibility while keeping some, you will always lose something to gain another.


*NOTE* Breaker is currently not being played/learned since i don't like 3rd Spec <Divine>


<<<<<<<<<<Spec types/fighting styles>>>>>>>>>>


3 different fighting styles/specialties, but still a <Support class> no matter what!

-1 <Earth>

-2 <Ice>

-3 <Divine>


-----<Earth> spec-----


<<<Burst DPS style>>> very high damage on a few skills and a simple DPS rotation. Good to use as solo player or for DPS, damage output is heavily reliant on Gear and stat like the rest. This Spec should be able to out DPS <Ice> and <Divine> under <standard status> and <debuff status>

*NOTE* have not tested or checked <Earth> DPS difference on <Grab> or <Break> VS <ICE> and <Divine> when properly set up with insignia's


-Standard ability to heal and revive team, has spec talent that boosts <Defense> so you can take hits as long as your constantly attacking the defense talent will stay active and increase as you hit the enemy, this is a spec talent that comes with <Earth> and stays with it only.

-Can stay very aggressive on DPS when not at proper minimum gear for dungeons cant be huge difference.

<Earth> has 5 adjustable talent that you can change and one of them, Increases <Attack Power> so your picking either <AP increase during Chi> or <Kingstike hit numbers decreased and increase on Damage> *NOTE, Main DPS rotation skill damage increase*

*NOTE* you enter chi state basically the full time your fighting and using skills so the <AP + Talent> shouldn't ever wear off during combat.


-best for solo style play and consistent Burst DPS. So DPS rotations should generally stay in a consistent set time span every rotation and not deviate too much. (depends on your play-style)


*NOTE* <Ice> can out DPS <Earth> at times due to gear, but once geared up and stats are adjusted properly for DPS <Earth> will out DPS <ICE> due to its consistent burst DPS and skills with High Damage.


*NOTE* best for single target DPS, has a few AOE skills but they are limited on range and don't cover as wide of an area. So its better not to use this Spec for killing group mobs or your going to end up killing them one by one getting a few group kills when your skills with some AOE are ready to use.


*NOTE* Talents has to be properly adjusted for <High Burst DPS> or <Steady Burst DPS> to have proper DPS the way you would prefer


*NOTE* Unable to assist/use <Break build up skills>


-----<Ice> spec-----


<<<AOE Consistent DPS style>>> Consistent DPS but very highly reliant on Skills and CD's for DPS output. loss of DPS if unable to properly manage CD and unable to Stay Consistent with skill rotations, difference is a lot. Talent Spec matters for consistent DPS to stay in consistent time span. For DPS rotations or you will lose DPS by a lot as <Ice> DPS comes mainly from Dragon Flurry and certain skills help reduce Cool down time for <Focus Chi>. Not all skills that reduces CD for <Focus Chi> should be added into rotation as it could be a slightly slower skill animation with a slightly longer delay causing DPS loss in the short time frame, if pattern is repeated.


-best for team fights, <Grabs> are available only on <Ice> spec. if Bosses are properly <Crowd Controlled> Grab <War Chant> becomes Available to use, has 1 min CD and currently no skills or items can be used to reduce CD time unlike <Focus Chi> where it has some skills that are exceptions and can reduce CD timer.


*NOTE* not sure on other class grabs but SF's grab does damage on use, bad thing is you can get Knocked Down/Staggered back during grab causing it to cancel. There are some bosses that after getting damaged to a certain HP % they can resist the grab and exit your grab. so far i know <<Shoguns Lament>> the 2 bird mini bosses <Volcano & Glacier> before final fight has the switching phase after a certain amount of damage one stays in air one comes down. Don't grab on first time they land, they will be pinned and fly back up leaving grab after 1-2 seconds. <<Bloodshade Harbor>> fight with the mini boss <Munitions Officer Blood Mane> the machines flying and knocking player around can and will send you flying as you grab the boss so be careful of grabbing or use <Self Defense Chi> before grab. <Admiral Hae Mujin's and Shadow> can knock you out of grab with spinning human tornado attack when they are knocking players away.


*NOTE* Best Spec for Support and Sanguine Abyss due to AOE fighting Style and talent setup, can do most roles using <Ice> except pure DPS.


*NOTE* unable to assist/use <Break build up skills>


-----<Divine> spec-----


<<<Conditional Burst DPS style>>> the weakest spec from the other 2 when it comes to standard consistent DPS with Skill rotations. Very reliant on Conditions to maximize DPS. And a Skill Reliant style for dps.


- has 1 skill that does extreme DPS but only on the condition that the enemy is under <Break Status>, so you can miss the hit if team is breaking bosses and no extend to delay timer, <Divine> SF can only extend CC duration not Breaker, from what i have currently checked and seen. *NOTE* not a full proper check


-Has a skill that can extend CC timer by 2 seconds buying more time for Debuff DPS damage.


-Main DPS for non conditional DPS is RMB and [X] in <Invocation> state and using [V] skill to buff skill damage and start rotation pattern.

*NOTE* haven't started trying rotations fully.




-class lacks DPS from all others due to being a support class/all rounder, harder to build up DPS

-can "Grab" with 2nd spec <ICE> but you can still get knocked flying and lose the full grab

-Has Revive skill for team members in <Elemental Stance> Spec <Earth/Ice>. For <Divine> use [1] to block and some skills show up, revive and heal available during block use duration.


*NOTE* needs more checking

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