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need some help

mommy kayle

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25 minutes ago, mommy kayle said:

hello guys i have been having this issue that when i ever i leave my game minimized for a Minute or two this happens image and the game freeze for ever any tip on how to fix it? 

We had a similar topic not so long ago:



I experimented on Fullscreen mode a few months ago and I experienced that Alt + Tab (or minimize client) freezes BnS sometimes. If my guess is right, you most likely want to switch from Fullscreen to Windowed Fullscreen or Windowed mode.

No surprises here, Fullscreen is buggy since forever.


If your client isn't in fullscreen, try to increase the background fps limit to at least 30. Please be advised that the game doesn't react very well to full VRAM cases so if you're running more GPU heavy applications, BnS might stop working.



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