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Shrouded Ajanara Tab mode bug


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I ve been trying Nayul HM for a while now ..doing fine timewise but after 50% my tab mode gets bugged...sometimes i go into "phantom" mode but with normal attack skills (the ones out of phantom)....

This happens consistently at last 40% phase making me so frustrated cuz all my cds are random and i cant complete the challenge...

Normal mode is ok since im done in 1min and like 3 rotate..sometimes i encounter the same issue in dungeons where i go into phantom mode but normal skills diplay and my char attacks weak..cant use shuriken to lower cd and i just end up with 60 sec cd on phantom..

Anyone else has experienced this ? 

FYI  i have "Awaken" disabled in skills in case thats ur point.

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On 11/8/2022 at 8:37 PM, z4rone said:

Apparently running switches off tab mode...

Throwing this out there 🙂 hf

Yes this is actually an issue for few classes using stance. Running = out of fight = cancel stance and back to normal skills. This can happens in few instances, not only in Nayul unfortunatly.
Moreover, you need to know that sssassin is one of the most bugged class in bns, with the blade dancer
 I let you discover multiple others bugs on assassin, like not being able to use "Shadow dash" when it's availible, in the back of few bosses, and breaking a part of your rotation.

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