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Nethered Shackles Insignia only works on Hard Mode

Toms Ego

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Not sure if this is intended or not, but the Nethered Shackles Insignia only applies in Shrouded Ajanara Hard difficulty.  The insignia says "shrouded ajanara only" but doesnt specify a difficulty.  So if the tooltip is correct, it should work in easy and normal mode as well.


This is easily replicable, just go into each mode with the insignia on and see if the icon appears on your buff bar.  It only shows up in hard mode. 


Anyone can also verify by checking their AP, should increase by 10%+, and they should not lose stacks when steping in the outer circles.  For me, my ap does not increase in either easy or normal mode and i lose stacks if hit by the outer circles in normal mode (cannot get stacks in easy mode).  The insignia works as the tooltip states in hard mode


I've asked several others and they have the same issue.

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