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patch blade master 3e Spé


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hello, during the update of the warden 3rd spec, we had to have a corrective patch on the BM 3rd spec.

Of course this has not been done... nothing is done this week either... it's been more than a year that the class is bug ... and you prefer to correct things that everyone is crazy like the sool boost, which is there until January when mm ... or correct bugs of cinematic while the same everyone is crazy ...


so, when will the blade master finally be patched!!!! ????

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> Fixed camera sometimes not flipping when using Flying Sparrow (Glide/Sprint LMB)
> Camera will flip regardless of the "use dynamic skill camera" setting in options
> Fixed Blade Storm CDR effect not activating during Starstrike
> Fixed Spectral Sacrifice/Vengeance not activating during Starstrike

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