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Post Snowball event 5 evolve stone account limit?

Rylia Nyx

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So the snow ball event is over and everyone who grinded snowballs bought might still have a lot left and where planning to buy the evolve stones for 2 snowballs each.


Then it was a suprise i was only able to buy 5 evolves stones per week on my account, so the rest of all my snowballs are now wasted. Ye you can buy mats and xp charms but i think its pretty save to say everyone grinded to get evolve stones. Why has there been put a limit of 5 each week account bound? I was planning on getting the other items like sacred vials and pet packs and with the leftover snowballs buy the evolve stones i can but now i cant anymore.


Do you guys think its a possibility they remove the cap so players can use the snowballs they have left? because the limit makes no sence.


Please let me know your opinion.

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