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I'm on my second attempt to install the game on my main partition C (default by the game launcher), it has 81GB available but the launcher is trying to put the game with an 50GB "content" folder plus a 30GB "patch" folder.
The first attempt took too much time to complete, i got 50mb internet but the download speed of the launcher was probably around 2mb/s so i had to cancel it because i had to turn off the pc, the next day i tried the option "check local files" of the launcher and it took the whole 80gb of my partition to repair the installation, like seriously? this launcher must be completely broken, so i just deleted the game and tried to install again from 0
The system requirements stated that is required at least 22GB, the launcher says 31GB and i get 80+GB, that must be a bug or something.

I'm using Windows 10 and yes, i did open a support ticket so don't bother on replying that.


So i want to know what's the actual game size on your computers and if did you get the same installation problem.

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I was installing the supposedly 30gb but it was actually 80gb so now i can't even install the game
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