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Cinderlands bug Raptor Rise


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I just finished  getting the silver crest and  derected to go to raptors rise on my level 38. ran there and then ran into a problem. I cant get there I keep skipping back. Logged out and took  one of my level 41 that has finished the questing up to Madon and getting ready to start onto the Moonater Plains. She ran right up it and had no problems getting up onto the leaning pillar the jump over to Raptors Rise,. Logged out and tried my finally character that hasnt start looking for the crests yet and is level 35 she also ran up leaning pillar  no problem no approach problems. Jumped her over and got the striding point. Tried again several times and tried several approachs on my level 38, no go. She cant access Raptors rise. Yura server North Americe character name Glori Sol. Please help I can try again but that is one of the point \you dont get a free point for. have to go there first to get it thanls

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