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Aneko searching for a clan


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Wassup folks,


My name is Aneko and I'm from germany, started playing this game and am having so much fun that I wanna make some new nerd friends

and get to know this game a bit more.

Chars: Gunner lvl60 Hongmoon lvl11. The plan is to lvl up an Archer and Warlock aswell.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fraction really dont care I can switch it anyway.


I dont know anything about the Dungeon runs, nor how the whole Clan/Fraction thing works which means someone has to take me by my

hand and run around with me explaining everything.


If somebody is interested in Adopting me pls let me know you can hit me up on discord Âneko#5196  or IG: Anekochonesmongott

I would also prefer a non german clan since I want to play with another friend and he can't german.


Alright thats it see you around


xoxo Aneko




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