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Some Skills In Warlock Simple Mode

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While i was playing warlock after i changed my talents i noticed that there are some skills are not able to use them (Graveyard, Gostly Scream, Extortion, Singularity, Time Gyre) while using Quel in simple mode, i can use these skill in bns mode.

In my opinion it is not fair that the other classes can use all of their skills in simple mode while warlock can't for example: the gunner can use Tripshot while using standoff, blade master can use winged protector while using block.

This comment or suggestion is to Community Team of NCsoft.

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry to say that but wl isnt even intended to play simple mode. Have you ever looked at the skill Rotation in there it is garbage believe me. Learn to Play the class without it or write yourself a macro. Simple Mode is and stays trash if you want to deal dps with is acceptable for the gear of your character.

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