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[Fixed]Game used to run at 60fps, now locked at 30fps or less


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My game had been running at 60fps for a while, before spring break in March. During or after that week, the game dropped to 30fps or less. I don't remember what I did or if I did anything. I have tried everything from the two topics about this. 
My setup is a i73930k with GTX 670 (Nvidia) on the Asus P9x79Pro.
Edit, a few minutes later
So I turned it to 32-bit, and it's now at 60fps. Damnit.

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when did the game start again ? 2012?

i stopped playing because it seems over time the game is running slower ,more crashes , freezes .

i get tired of it and play something else.

i come back because new update (and in the hope this awesome game is better now )

Nope , ooh they got Unreal 3 engine ....same story again .

i got back for a 3rd time now and   few thousand euro,s spend in total over the years .

same problems ....... feel like its going in circles .

now at this point i am thinking to buy a new PC but , i lost hope this game will ever run smooth.

so yeah i could not raid, i have the gear but i suck because fps drop/freezing so i just be casual and do daily's .

but fps wile standing still dropped to 5/10 fps  on 64bit  .......cant do it anymore ...



i am done ..




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