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Treasure Trove Frustration


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Hello to all Balde and Soul players.
In view of the response I have received from the game support, I would like to open a discussion to know what you think about the event. Personally I spent about 300 euros since the Saphire wings had a nice appearance, added to the fact of collecting materials and other clothes. My experience has been very frustrating since I have not obtained the wings, the materials and most awards very low. I think money does not define our ability as players, but we all like the look we give our characters. It is assumed that when we make purchases it is to be able to move faster, make our character a bit stronger and give it the appearance that we like or interest. I sincerely thought that this year's "Treasure Trove" has been very bad, unprofitable and disappointing. Do not you think that beyond luck, the prizes could be better? There are many people who invest money and time so that the experience has a little more quality. Since we consider that the game has a lot of long-term potential. Thank you for your attention and I hope to know what you think.

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