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Beginners LF Competitive Clan


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Hey, whoever is reading this post. We are group of three players new to the game, basically just finishing leveling to regular lvl55. According to some online sources we would really need a comp clan/guild to have easier time to grind our way to endgame and also find people to raid and run dungeons with, since this game is not that big on players online. 


Can anyone clarify what are usual requirements to join competitive clan to get those discounts on evolutions and such?


And also if anyone is recruiting and willing to help us out we are currently Cerulean(not that it matters) Destroyer, FM and Gunslinger. We are on Eastern Time Zone.


My friends are not that big on the endgame mmo pve content, but I used to raid in WoW and run mythic raids(HFC and up to Nighthold). Not looking for similar goals as getting some place on the server or anything of the sort. Mostly casual grinding and finishing all endgame pve content.



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