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Fps drop during combat. But fine any other time


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I've seen a lot of threads and post about fps problems for this game. I've tried different solutions offered by many YouTube videos who claims to be having the issue solved. 

But I can't seem to find mine even though I've been going through so many forums and videos. I've had different issues coming and going for about 1,5 year of time period now and it's still not solved.


So to start off I'm having a really good pc. 

Win 10 64bit


Gtx 1080ti 

32gb ram



Internet speed is 250mbps up and down. Have done speed test and that's what it says. 


Now with all this gear. 

My problem is that I get perfect fps in game server 120. But as soon as I enter combat it drops from 120 to 60 slowly down to 40 depending on how much stuff is happening and then most of the time it ends up at around 20-30 fps during the whole fight. 

As soon as the battle ends it will go back up to 120 again. 


And it doesn't matter what type of boss it is. It can be a normal dungeon boss or a TT raid boss the fps drops. 

And it drops to 20 during raids. 

Dungeon bosses drops to 30

The main issue is That it drops. 


I have a friend who can play this game with constant 70fps no matter what type of combat he is in. It never goes below 50 for him. (almost the same pc specs) And he has like max settings in game graphics. 

While I have to lower some of mine but still not being able to have a combat over 50 fps. 

The worst part is that he can stream at the same time and still have that fps. 


My goal is to stream too. But with the fps being so low while in combat I can't even stream without the game lagging or freezing at those low fps. 

And Ive tried to stream despite the low fps and the quality sucks. With unsharp quality and with many pixels. 


So what I've tried to do is:

I've tried to change nvida drivers. By downgrading it to previous drivers before the RTX release. 


Done stuff in nvida inspector and changing stuff for the game in there. 

Like setting the game to absolute path, set it to maximum performance, take away Vsync ect. 


Nvida profile to use my GPU. 


 Unparked cores


changed client.exe priority. High. 


Changed system setting in windows to high performance. 




Changed client.exe affinity


Uninstall Bluetooth


Probably some more things too which I don't remember anymore. But no matter what Ive done. Nothing seems to have helped. 

I'm really desperate and I hope someone can help me out. 

I just want to be able to stream the game like my friend but still have decent fps and not drop down to like 20fps from my 120fps whenever I'm in combat. 

Thank you. Sorry for long post. 



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