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NA/Zulia/Crimson/Active/PVE/VT/TT Planning/Clan Events+MORE


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Contact: Zaeora @Zaeora or Vy @? Queen Vy

[Zulia] AinzOool Gown #Faction: Crimson

Clan Level: 15 

 Clan Requirements

1. Active & Social

2. No gear or lvl requirements #

Who we are: < We're an active, diverse group of people with time zones scattered all over the world. We want to have a community for people to get back to what a game is all about and have some fun. Not trying to be all "pro" and have tons of restrictions for people that just want to play, socialize and possibly form steady daily dungeon run groups. I would say we are casual while still wanting to progress. Without the need for doing it now or expecting others to drop cash on the game to do so.  

Clan Shtuff 

Will gladly help new players out and answer any questions they may have *

Helping doesn't mean being carried through every dungeon possible (but will help np if ppl are serious and don't beg for it).

* Clan Scavenger Hunts for a little extra gold 

Clan PvP tournaments through the sparring option 

Zero * drama/sh!t talking

* Always open to new ideas!

* We are a small clan wanting to grow so patience is a must.

Clan Raids: 

No need to join the clan to raid * **Only requirements are**

* Friendly and trustworthy

* VT geared wanting a static group to progress to TT * Once we have a steady 12 raid members for 2-4 weeks we will start practicing TT * Weekly VT Sun morning for us, follow the provided link for your time zone & add your name to a role not filled in. (start forming 15 min early)

Raid Signup Link https://goo.gl/SWrX3k Group 1's PT signup sheet Same as above add your name if your interested in a steady PT daily run. https://goo.gl/QG2Nrs

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